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Alternative Dispute Resolution

One of the legal requirements which came into effect on 1 October 2015 for anyone selling to the public (consumers) is the duty to tell them who they can turn to for assistance if you are unable to resolve a complaint. 

BHTA members, are already obliged to tell consumers that you are signed up to our Code of Practice and that BHTA will provide mediation (and ultimately arbitration) if they have exhausted your complaints process and are still unhappy.  Members now need to add the option of them approaching a formally recognised “Alternative Dispute Resolution” provider, but you can indicate if you would not participate in any mediation they might offer.

You can find out who the formally listed ADR bodies are for the UK at: and select UK from country drop down

You will need to choose one which you think could give advice to your customers and give their contact details.

If you sell online there is one further step to add – you must also say that the customer can follow the link to the EU’s Online Dispute Resolution site (and you MUST publish this link on your website):

If any BHTA members require any further assistance regarding ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) please contact us: