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Bespoke Stairlifts: Recently becoming a BHTA member has provided invaluable access to targeted legislation and Brexit support

Joanne Kennedy, Commercial Director at Bespoke Stairlifts image

Bespoke Stairlifts, a Yorkshire-based designer and manufacturer of a range of stairlifts, recently became a British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) member.

BHTA caught up with Joanne Kennedy, Commercial Director at Bespoke Stairlifts, to discover more about two of its more recent stairlift launches, how it is coping with growing customer demand, and why joining the association was a priority for the firm.

BHTA: Please can you provide some background on yourself and how you started at Bespoke Stairlifts?

Joanne: “I worked at Acorn Stairlifts for a good number of years and always kept myself involved with the mobility sector. I was introduced by another former director of Acorn Stairlifts to the owners of Bespoke Stairlifts, and it grew from there.

“I started at Bespoke Stairlifts in March 2023, with a varied career including stockbroking, banking, online sales, branding, marketing, product development, boiling water taps, and linguistics. So pretty varied!

“I really liked what Bespoke Stairlifts was trying to achieve within the company and was blown away by its commitment to not only its products but also colleagues within the business. 

“Bespoke Stairlifts has introduced a Management Training programme and will be committing to Investors in People later in 2023. The message around the business resonates around providing quality products and unrivalled customer service. 

“I’m proud to be part of the Bespoke Stairlifts ‘journey’ over the coming years.”

BHTA: What is Bespoke Stairlifts?

Joanne: “Bespoke Stairlifts was started just over 20 years ago and in recent times has developed two excellent, aesthetically designed, and reliable stairlifts: the Synergy (straight stairlift) and Infinity (curved stairlift).

“We not only serve the UK market but export all around the world. Recently, aside from my own role, we have increased our headcount by 20 percent across the different areas of the business to keep up with demand for our products.

“It’s so important to Bespoke Stairlifts that we maintain our great service levels but also review and improve based on customer satisfaction.”

BHTA: Are there any challenges that you’re currently facing as a firm? How can the BHTA support you with these issues?

Joanne: “Brexit (as all our fellow manufacturers are experiencing), as the lack of knowledge and access across the UK for good sound advice is lacking. This is something which BHTA is looking to support through local Chambers of Commerce and UK Government. We, at Bespoke Stairlifts, welcome this input and support.”

BHTA: What is Bespoke Stairlifts’ plans for the future?

Joanne: “Our plan for the future is to increase volumes whilst improving the customer journey. Our customers love our products – which proves we are on the right track – and we want to extend the support we give them as dealers and traders.”

BHTA: Why did you decide to become a BHTA member?

Joanne: “This was one of my priority tasks when I joined Bespoke Stairlifts.

“It’s important as a manufacturer that we have access to not only changes in legislation but also a view of the political agenda, which shapes the lives and roles of all companies within our industry. The support available is accessible and relevant, and it’s good to know that it’s there when required. It also helps filter out the important issues stairlift manufacturers need to focus on.”

BHTA: What upcoming BHTA events are you looking forward to or planning to attend?

Joanne: “Section meetings, webinars when relevant topics arise, and the Golf Day. The Golf Day will not be attended by myself, but golf is a popular and important sport across our Bespoke Stairlifts colleagues.”

To find out more about how the BHTA can support your business and how to become a BHTA member, visit this page).