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BHTA Book – 100 years of the Asscoaition

BHTA History book marks 100 year milestone

In 1917, Einstein applied the general theory of relativity to model the structure of the universe as a whole, Houdini performed his first ‘Buried Alive’ stunt in California and Al Capone became known as Scarface after he was slashed in the face three times by a New York hood by the name of Frank Galluccio.

Also that year, William ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody died, Ella Fitzgerald was born, Czar Nicholas II of Russia abdicated and a small group of businessmen met to discuss the possibility of working together.

A short time later, the Surgical Instrument Manufacturers Association (SIMA) was founded. It went on to become the British Surgical Trades Association (BSTA) and then the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), representing hundreds of companies, large and small, along the way.

Well over 1000 companies have been a member of the Association at some point during the past 100 years, which has seen SIMA, BSTA and now BHTA represent member companies at all levels of government, with most of the leading charities and a huge number of influential and advisory bodies.

To mark the centenary, a book about the history of the Association has just been published. The 128 pages provide insights into interesting, fascinating and sometimes controversial issues that the Association has been involved with during the years. Readers will find details on lengthy battles fought to protect patients from higher costs, reduced services and questionable sales and marketing techniques along with how member companies adapted and survived through two World Wars.

Director General, Tracey Lloyd says: “The Association, in all its forms has influenced, supported and worked with hundreds of companies, organisations and government bodies, many thousand employees and millions of people in need of advice and protection.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Trade Association does for its members, then the book gives you a very good idea and includes numerous examples of how the Association has, over the years, helped to organise members and produce high profile, highly effective campaigns.”

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