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BHTA presents… ‘Business Sale Bootcamp: What to do if you’re approached by a buyer’

Insights into the dynamic and active world of mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare and assistive technologies markets

Discover merger and activity trends in the sector, learnings from previous transactions, and advice on approaching the sales process itself, from industry experts BCMS. Also hear from Kenneth Munro PhD, formerly of W Munro Rehab, as he shares his first-hand insights into the personal aspects of a business sale and what it really feels like to sell a company from an owner’s perspective.

Recorded: 22 February 2022

BHTA presents… topic: Business Sale Bootcamp: What to do if you’re approached by a buyer

– Jonathan Dunn, CEO, BCMS
– Mark Bentley, Head of Communications, BCMS
– Kathryn Kane, Associate, BCMS
– Kenneth Munro PhD

Synopsis: This webinar provides members with an overview of M&A activity in the healthcare trades industry, along with actionable advice on what to do if your business is on a buyer’s radar.

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About the speakers

Kenneth Munro PhD: Specialist in assistive technology research, and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from BHTA in 2017, Kenneth Munro was for many years a shareholding director of W Munro (Rehab) Ltd. The business advises, supplies and maintains a full range of specialist patient moving and handling and rehabilitation equipment, from simple slide sheets to complex patient lifting systems. Under his leadership, and advice from BCMS, the business was sold in 2018.

Jonathan Dunn, CEO, BCMS. Jonathan has 25+ years of experience in the UK and international M&A market. He joined BCMS in 2010 and founded the Corporate Finance team to focus on larger and more complex transactions both in the UK and Europe. Jonathan was formally appointed CEO in 2018.

Mark Bentley - BCMS

Mark Bentley, Head of Communications, BCMS. Mark joined BCMS in 2011 and has particular expertise in the creation and development of buyer-facing documentation on behalf of clients, contributing to a wide range of high-profile M&A transactions in sectors including media, healthcare, technology, and professional services.

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