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BHTA presents… How Employee Benefits can help BHTA members to maximise their investment in talent.

Insights into Employee Benefits and how they can help to maximise talent investment

Watch Lesley Attwell from Verlingues Insurance and Benefits Brokers give a webinar to BHTA members on the best ways to utilise Employee Benefits in order to increase talent investment.

Recorded: 4 May 2022

BHTA presents… topic: Understanding how employee benefits can aid talent investment.

Presenter: Lesley Attwell – Verlingues Insurance and Benefits Brokers

Synopsis: This webinar provides members with an insight into the best ways employee benefits can help talent investment

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About the speaker

Lesley has over 20 years’ experience of assisting businesses with their benefit challenges, including pensions, risk, healthcare, wellbeing and HR technology. She is passionate about delivering exceptional service, and specialises in helping employers structure and implement Corporate Employee Benefits programmes.

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