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BHTA presents… ‘Understanding social value – why it is essential to your business’

Insights into understanding social value and how it is essential to your business

Watch procurement expert Sarah Joy Newton give a webinar to BHTA members with insights on understanding social value for your business.

Recorded: 12 July 2022

BHTA presents… topic:

Understanding the importance of social value for your business

Presenter: Sarah Joy Newton – Amethyst Connect

Synopsis: This webinar provides members with an understanding of social value and why it is essential to their business

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About the speaker

Sarah is a qualified nurse in adult and paediatric care, with an additional 15 years of excelling in the medical device industry. She is known for her enthusiasm and energy, with a genuine desire to ensure that, as well as product and company success, patient outcomes are improved, and customers’ needs are met. Sarah’s nursing and medical sales experience has given her a unique understanding and knowledge of the workings of the NHS and procurement, and she has established contacts and working relationships within the sector.

A particular area of expertise is the new public procurement requirements including social value, net-zero, labour standards, and modern slavery. Sarah works proactively with clients to implement and provide solutions to ensure they are able to successfully win tender bids. She is also an experienced tender bid writer, and ISO 9001 & 14001 internal auditor.

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