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The webinar series providing advice and information to help BHTA members’ businesses thrive and grow

Discover advice, information and insights from experts in a range of fields by watching our BHTA presents… series of webinars. Covering a variety of topics, these business booster videos enable you to stay informed and are designed to help your business to thrive and succeed in the healthcare and assistive technologies industry.

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BHTA presents... 'Dealing with debt recovery difficulties in 2022'
BHTA presents… ‘Dealing with debt recovery difficulties in 2022’

Practical advice on the essential, delicate and sometimes difficult process of handling late payers and non-payers.

BHTA presents... 'Conquering workplace challenges posed by Covid-19' webinar
BHTA presents… ‘Conquering workplace challenges posed by Covid-19’ webinar

A look at new workplace risks facing businesses following the outbreak COVID-19, and advice on how to manage them.

BHTA presents... 'How you can support professionals in prescribing and recommending your products' webinar
BHTA presents… ‘How you can support professionals in prescribing and recommending your products’ webinar

DLF discusses how assistive tech companies can help healthcare professionals to prescribe their products.

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Keep you and your team up to date and informed on important industry topics and issues by registering for upcoming BHTA webinars. By watching the webinars live, you gain the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers directly from the experts.

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If you are an expert in a particular field of business or on an industry-specific topic, and would like the opportunity to speak to business leaders, we can help.

BHTA works with partners across multiple disciplines keen to share their insights and expertise with the industry. Our webinars are a great way to raise your exposure and distinguish yourself as a thought leader.

If you are interested in partnering with BHTA to host a webinar, email or contact 020 7702 2141 to speak to a member of the Marketing team today.