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BHTA virtual assessments and assistive technologies roundtable: full feature

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The full feature: Virtual assessments and assistive technologies – What the future holds

Here you will find the full-length version of the BHTA Roundtable discussion. Our six specialists consider how the world of virtual assessments has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic.

BHTA Roundtable – Virtual assessments and assistive technologies

Parts one – five: Examining the shift to virtual assessments and the impact they have had on the provision of assistive technology products and services

Overview: Our experts consider how the world of assistive technology moves forward with video assessments.

► William Lee, Head of Policy and Compliance at the BHTA (Roundtable chair)
► Clare Barber, Professional Services Manager at DLF
► James Bennett, Sales and Marketing Director at Care & Independence
► Julie Blake, Senior Clinical Manager at NRS Healthcare
► Matthew James, Director of Precision Rehab
► Rachel Russell, Senior Regional Advisor for Foundations
► Nash Kumar, Director of Higher Elevation

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Watch the BHTA Virtual assessments and assistive technologies Roundtable: parts one – five

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