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Activate For Kids Limited – Salisbury

Any parent will tell you they want their child to be free, to grow, expand their horizons and really get out there into the big wide world. Sure, we worry about them in this freedom but we also know that a life filled with boundaries is a life half lived. Active for Kids sprang out of a desire to achieve freedom for children with special needs and their families. Based on personal experience as a parent, designs are forward thinking – the focus is on the way in which a chair is used by the child and the whole family. This means each design offers ease of use, practicality and an emphasis on providing freedom for the child and their family, whether through everyday practicalities like getting around with ease in school, or at play when out and about. Activate for Kids provides children and their families with things that they want – a choice of colours, added LED lights and designs based on sports cars (see The Mustang!), added suspension so that practically all terrains can be tackled with ease, of course these extras all add to the feeling of ownership for the child.