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Lovocco – High Wycombe

George Goodger and Adam Wright, are life time friends and ex colleagues at British Airways. Both being disabled they understand the limitations and frustrations of limited mobility and have shared a 17 year dream of being able to provide products that allow disabled people to not only live an active and fulfilling life, but to also feel good about themselves and their environment. The idea of SillSave first came about when George accidently scratched the sill of Adam’s new car when he was trying to transfer from his wheelchair into Adam’s car. Although they joked about the situation, it made them think about how the problem could be solved. And after spending some considerable time researching the market and finding that this was a common and unavoidable issue for wheelchair drivers, their tenacity and desire to change the status quo resulted in the first Lovocco’ product  SillSave. George and Adam’s journey does not end with SillSave. On the contrary, their vision through the lovocco range will deliver many more products to enable disabled people and people with limited mobility to live an active and proud life.