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MK Battery International Limited – Northamptonshire

MK Battery, a wholly owned subsidiary of East Penn Manufacturing Co., is a leading global supplier of the highest quality Sealed VRLA batteries for use in deep-cycle and standby power applications.
MK Battery is a market leader, committed to providing only the highest quality products to specialized battery markets. With our strong focus on Sealed VRLA batteries for niche applications, we can offer you expertise in these areas that very few of our competitors can match. You can expect our total commitment to keep you safely at the forefront of high-quality battery technology with dependable performance, optimal value and the most responsive service.
Whether your application requires extended cycle life, long duration at low rates of discharge, minimal recharge time or maximum high-rate performance, MK Battery supplies only the highest quality batteries available anywhere.
We can supply fresh inventory within 24 hours from the nearest point to our customer while providing worry-free spent battery disposal.