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Rivertex UK Limited – Huntingdon

Manufacturing coated fabrics is our business. We select our textile bases with care, while choosing different textures (cloth or jersey, etc.) and materials (cotton, polyamide and polyester, etc.). We then coat them with polymers, primarily PVC and polyurethane. With our finishing processes, we can offer aspects such as leather or textile ones. We protect the surface of our coated products with varnishes, which makes them resistant to use and adverse weather conditions (light, spots, etc.). We are an international specialist in the manufacturing of coated textiles. We have been competing on the world market for more than 50 years. Our know-how and experience have allowed us to diversify while we constantly strive to provide innovation and quality. All our products are certified and recognised for their technical and aesthetic properties, which gained us the trust of some major brands (in the Automotive Industry , luxury leather goods, the healthcare-branch, transport, industrial and fire-retardant coated textiles for the furniture-, hotel- and restaurant-branches). We are part of the Duroc group, their strategy is to continue to invest in their subsidiaries as well as focusing on opportunistic acquisitions in existing or related areas. Duroc strives to build and develop a group consisting of high quality subsidiaries within several different sectors.