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Snowdrop Independent Living – Haverfordwest

Snowdrop, a new and old company with a 20 year pedigree. The business was set up by Peter O’Shea and is well established and successful. Snowdrop Care & Mobility Ltd traded as Snowdrop Independent Living, which is the name of the new company set up to acquire the assets of Peter’s business when he decided it was time to slow down and ultimately retire. The new company retained the entire management and all of the premises but acquired additional management and funding as well as retaining Peter’s experience as a consultant.
This means we have added to the skill of the already capable team with increased management strength.
Snowdrop Independent Living Limited’s stated mission is to become the outstanding provider of mobility and independence solutions to maximise the wellbeing of our customers.
We have a deep knowledge of the market and are dedicated to providing the best solutions.
We help our customers by understanding their needs intimately and working to deliver the package needed to maximise their wellbeing. For example, to select the appropriate rise and recline chair we need the perfect combination of around 14 variables which are discovered from the customer during the face to face assessment.