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Water-jel Europe LLP – Hertford

Water-Jel is the leading first aid emergency burn treatment used by industry, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Services, Sea Air Rescue, all areas of the U.S. Military Armed Forces, Food Services and Formula One motor racing worldwide, plus the general public. As the world leader in the burn care industry, Water-Jel consumer products utilize the same technical expertise that goes into our professional burn care products. When a household burn occurs, every second counts.
Water-Jel products are effective, versatile and approved for emergency first aid burn treatment in a pre-hospital setting. Water-Jel products are consistent with both wet and dry burn treatment protocols since they stop the burning process, cool the burned area, relieve pain, prevent further injury and do not contribute to hypothermia or interfere with debridement (removal of damaged tissue or foreign objects from a wound). There are no active ingredients, and the water-soluble gel can be easily washed off at a hospital or burn centre.