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Calling All Suppliers

DLF is asking all suppliers offering delivery to people’s homes to ensure their product listings are up-to-date as a matter of urgency. The DLF Data Services team have stopped work on all other projects to prioritise keeping product details current. We will be contacting the largest suppliers this week to work together to keep their information fresh. 

Older and disabled people, their friends, families and the professionals and volunteers that support them are relying on Living Made Easy, AskSARA and DLF-Data to provide details of suitable solutions that can be ordered from suppliers online and delivered to their homes. With urgency around fast discharge from hospital and an imperative for residents to stay in place assistive technology has a vital enabling role.

Statistics from current online user surveys show that 76% of users of Living Made Easy are planning to purchase products and 85% of them are expecting to purchase those items privately, just under half of respondents at 49% are looking on behalf of someone else and the top-mentioned category is parent at 36%. In comparison 60% of users of AskSARA are planning to purchase and 71% are expecting to purchase using their own funds, 64% are looking on behalf of someone else and the top mentioned category is also ‘parents’ at 43%.

The Data Services team can help with batch updating of products and most formats of data importing.

Suppliers should call 0207 289 6111 or email

Published: 30th March 2020

DLF for Professionals March 2020