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Refresh Your Trusted Assessor Accreditation Online

Refresh Your Trusted Assessor Accreditation Online

The Disabled Living Foundation are seeing fantastic demand for their new online Trusted Assessor course:
Trusted Assessor: Assessing for Minor Adaptations with the first few classes debuting this week.

Last week’s news bulletin from Housing LIN announced the new course explaining that the formerly two-day face-to-face delivery is now available online including assignments, classrooms and workbooks. The first learners have been watching the presentations and videos and working their way through the modules; we are delighted with the early feedback.

The Trusted Assessor: Assessing for Minor Adaptations course is accredited at level three and is a suitable foundation for further trusted assessor courses such as the popular major adaptations course accredited at level four. The DLF are looking forward to the next enrolment of learners.

To find out more about this and other equipment-related courses call 0207 289 6111 for more details.

Published: 29th May 2020

Source: DLF Training Newsletter (May 2020)

Remotely-Delivered Trusted Assessor Course

Remotely-Delivered Trusted Assessor Course

The DLF has responded to the pandemic with the introduction of a range of services in support of housing, health and social care
professionals involved in enabling independent living. 

One of these is the availability of their normally 2-day accredited Trusted Assessor face-to-face course as a fully online option.
The course enables professionals to be accredited to assess for minor adaptations – increasing the pool of assessors can be an
important factor in reducing time to discharge as well as improving the suitability of homes and supporting daily activities during

This new version of the course uses a variety of learning methods – videos, class webinars, video-recorded assignments and an
online leaning management system to cover the normally 2 day course via a suite of modules. The use of modules enables
learners to fit them around their personal commitments and workloads with one module being a class-based Trainer-led
interactive class.

The DLF is recognised by RCOT, Foundations and BHTA and trains hundreds of learners UK-wide annually through a mixture of
open and commissioned courses at a variety of levels in equipment-related skills.

Trusted Assessor – Assessing for Minor Adaptations online

This course is available now and throughout the pandemic, call or email the DLF to find out more:

Published: 12th May 2020

Source: Housing LIN Newsletter

Calling All Suppliers

Calling All Suppliers

DLF is asking all suppliers offering delivery to people’s homes to ensure their product listings are up-to-date as a matter of urgency. The DLF Data Services team have stopped work on all other projects to prioritise keeping product details current. We will be contacting the largest suppliers this week to work together to keep their information fresh. 

Older and disabled people, their friends, families and the professionals and volunteers that support them are relying on Living Made Easy, AskSARA and DLF-Data to provide details of suitable solutions that can be ordered from suppliers online and delivered to their homes. With urgency around fast discharge from hospital and an imperative for residents to stay in place assistive technology has a vital enabling role.

Statistics from current online user surveys show that 76% of users of Living Made Easy are planning to purchase products and 85% of them are expecting to purchase those items privately, just under half of respondents at 49% are looking on behalf of someone else and the top-mentioned category is parent at 36%. In comparison 60% of users of AskSARA are planning to purchase and 71% are expecting to purchase using their own funds, 64% are looking on behalf of someone else and the top mentioned category is also ‘parents’ at 43%.

The Data Services team can help with batch updating of products and most formats of data importing.

Suppliers should call 0207 289 6111 or email

Published: 30th March 2020

DLF for Professionals March 2020

Moving and Handling Induction for Assessors

Moving and Handling Induction for Assessors

This course is designed for those new to moving and handling assessment and advice and wish to increase their knowledge and confidence in this area.

Click Here to View Course Dates

Who is it for?

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Senior staff members that are interested in becoming a moving and handling assessor or advisor.


Prior practical working knowledge of moving and handling and previous basic moving and handling training is essential.

Course length

Runs over two full days and contains both paper and practical based tasks.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Understand their responsibilities under moving and handling legislation
  2. Know the principles of normal movement and basic anatomy of the spine
  3. Understand the implications of poor moving and handling and injuries it can cause
  4. Recognise and reduce risk by completing risk assessments
  5. Use ergonomic principles to reduce risk
  6. Recommend a safe system of work and create a moving and handling plan
  7. Use standardised tests to evidence outcomes
  8. Have an understanding of biomechanics
  9. Use balanced decision making in complex situations
  10. Have an understanding of equipment provision and contraindications of such provision
  11. Understand all factors relating to moving and handling of people including physical, emotional, psychological and cultural needs.

Courses are run at our own venues throughout the UK. Bespoke courses for your staff can be booked at a venue of your choice. Please email or call 020 7432 8010 for a no obligation quote.

All moving and handling training courses require participants to get involved and try techniques for themselves. Please ensure you arrive appropriately dressed, with loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes. If you feel you may struggle with some positions, please complete the disability section on the registration form when signing up for the course and alert your trainer on arrival.

Trusted Advisor: Advising and Referring for Independence at Home – Level 1

Trusted Advisor: Advising and Referring for Independence at Home – Level 1

The purpose of this course is to give confidence to customer service staff to provide advice and referral options for basic daily living aids, understand common conditions and have knowledge of health and social care services.

Click Here to View Course Dates

The range of equipment includes:

  • Kitchen aids
  • Dressing aids
  • Molbility aids
  • Basic telecare

Course Length

One day. All learners must attend the full day to complete the course.


There are no specific requirements; however all DLF courses require a basic level of English language. Attendees will be expected to complete some pre-course work which will need to be submitted 72 hours before the start of the course. You will have access to this after you have registered on the course.


Every learner will be tested against the learning outcomes, this is completed through a variety of classroom assessments. Once passed, all learners will receive a certificate accredited by the OCN London at Level One.

Course Programme

The course aims to include a lot of practical elements, therefore the learners must dress in comfortable clothing.

Further details

For more details on what is included in the course, please contact or call 0207 289 6111.

Published: 10th March 2020

Source: Disabled Living Foundation Training

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