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Charity warns many Council Websites are still Inaccessible

Inaccessible council websites are preventing millions of disabled people from accessing vital services and information, a charity has warned.

Scope has found that nine out of ten of England’s biggest councils have websites with accessibility errors.

Its research found issues with confusing layouts, problems enlarging text, poor colour contrasts and difficulties with screen reader accessibility.

The charity warns this means many public sector websites are likely to miss today’s legal deadline for making their websites accessible.

Kristina Barrick, head of digital influencing at Scope, said: ‘With local lockdowns on the rise across the UK, it is unacceptable that disabled people may be unable to access information about support available in their area.

’Public sector organisations have had plenty of time to prepare for this deadline, and there are plenty of resources available to support them to make their websites more accessible.

’We’re urging councils and all public sector organisations to fulfil their legal duty and make sure nobody is being blocked from accessing vital services and information.’

Published: 23rd September 2020

Source: Local Gov

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