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Dispensing Appliance Contractor Section – 14th October 2020

Service Enables Pharmacies to make Market Entry Applications Digitally

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) successfully launched a digital service for contractors to make market entry applications online earlier this year, hosted on its platform PCSE Online. It enables users to apply add or remove directors from their corporate structure, make relocation applications and change ownership.

The service is available to those wishing to make an application and modernises a paper-based service, which used over 30 separate forms. It’s a one-stop online tool giving users a streamlined, faster and more efficient application process, and enables users to track the progress of their applications in real time.

The application process is simple – users register by emailing and the PCSE team will  contact them to guide them through setting up their profile and start making their application. Further information on the market entry process can be found on the PCSE website.

Published: 14th October 2020