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ETAC R82 to Showcase Specialist Wheelchair and Seating Solutions at European Neuro Convention

Etac R82, the respected specialist in assistive equipment for children and adults with neurological challenges, will be demonstrating several examples from its product portfolio at the European Neuro Convention.

Stand 428, 26-27 March 2019, NEC Birmingham. Open from 10am daily. Etac products will feature in Bridget Churchill’s seminar:

‘Reflections on the challenges of seating solutions for neurological clients with complex postures and their impact on function.’

26th March 2019, Theatre 5, 11:45-12:15.

Etac R82 provides innovative solutions that enhance mobility for users whilst supporting safe working practices for carers. Its award-winning Etac, R82, Molift, Immedia, Convaid and Star Cushion brands are all considerately designed in close co-operation with professionals and users so that ergonomics and comfort are maximised. They focus on user development and achievement and include many products suitable for individual with neurological conditions. The extensive range includes adult and paediatric seating, standing, walking, toileting, bathing, transfer, pressure care and in-bed solutions alongside wheelchairs and buggies. At the European Neuro Convention, Etac R82 will be proudly demonstrating the Etac Prio Comfort wheelchair, Star Cushions range and SPEX seating systems.

The Etac Prio is an active multi-functional wheelchair for users who want to retain independence despite being unsuitable for medium active wheelchairs. Based on Etac’s Ability Based Seating® concept, it includes multiple features and benefits which are unique to its design. These include a dynamic pelvic support, back rest contouring, advanced balanced support ideal for amputees, one-piece footplate and low seat height for leg propulsion. There is an optional powered version and the Prio 3D, with patent-pending, provides a fully mouldable backrest to support asymmetry and kyphosis.

The Star Air Cell Cushion range assists with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, asymmetrical posture and seating stability. A diverse choice provides appropriate products for all user weights and pressure redistribution needs with effective designs that envelope body structures. Star provides the largest range of cell heights in the market and high-quality neoprene materials which reduce the risk of tissue deformation from extended periods of sitting. Positional tolerance is far higher when compared to foam cushions and inflation management is simple to implement.

SPEX seating systems are designed for users who require postural support with the advantage for clinicians of efficient adjustment and ongoing adaptation. They are regarded as a clinically appropriate seating choice that is easy to adjust for therapists – often providing time-saving immediate solutions during client assessment. A modular, simplistic design provide flexibility for changing postural needs and SPEX is compatible with virtually all wheelchair bases. There are standard sizes from 10″ paediatrics to large adults, all certified for safe wheelchair transportation in a vehicle.