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Free Molift Overhead Hoisting Problem Solving Workshops from ETAC gain Significant Momentum

Continuing its focus on free professional education, Etac has begun delivering its new Overhead Hoisting Problem Solving Workshops which have been attended by strong visitor numbers.

Molift mobile and ceiling track hoists are a respected and trusted range manufactured by The Etac Group. Combined with specialist slings, they provide safe and controlled transfers of semi-ambulant people in a variety of healthcare situations – with a renowned reputation for reliability, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Led by Colin Williams, Molift Overhead Hoist Specialist with 25 years of experience, these free-to-attend workshops are tailored to the requirements of all professionals ranging from Occupational Therapists (OTs), nurses and lead clinicians, through to building designers, specifiers and architects. They provide a comprehensive opportunity to learn about correct hoist and sling application and how safety, dignity and efficiency can be maximised whilst caring for disabled children and adults. Content is evidence-based and illustrates the significant care cost savings that can be achieved through single-handed care and moving and handling best practice. The latest course was held at Nottingham City Council for its team of OTs within Adult Services and focused on practical aspects of everyday application within the community.

The training day was split into focused group sessions and covered a range of theoretical topics and hands-on experience relevant to OT practice. These included key demonstrations on space planning, hoisting options, safe transfers and comfort for the service user. The importance of correct sling bar selection was highlighted along with identification of correct pick-up points when hoisting or rolling a service user. Colin combined the use of a Molift Quattro Traverse Gantry System with in-bed solutions from Etac, such as the 4-way Glide, to demonstrate many tasks such as repositioning, personal care and bed-to-chair transfers. During these procedures, the suitability of either single track or traverse rails for different scenarios was explained along with the overall benefits of the Molift range.

Colin Williams, course leader, comments: “I am delighted to report attendance has been strong at all our workshops and forthcoming dates are filling fast. I believe the opportunity for OTs, especially newly qualified professionals, to learn invaluable hoisting techniques is vital. This is especially essential when you consider assistive product training and awareness can be limited at graduation. Our flexible courses provide objective content that really helps on a daily basis – whether that involves frontline use, procurement or installation. In terms of community installations, the knowledge and experience available at these sessions allows more informed decisions regarding hoist specification within DFGs. Feedback from all our latest attendees was very positive particularly regarding several practical aspects of the training including pick up points and sling bar selection. I look forward to the next Local Authority course which is already full.”

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