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Hereford’s TPG DisableAids Safe Scoot Day a Success with TGA Mobility

TPG DisableAids, a mobility product specialist with retail capacity across five counties, successfully hosted a free mobility scooter safe driving awareness day at its Hereford headquarters on 22nd May.

TPG is an ethical and caring mobility product specialist that has been family-run since 1985. It is committed to delivering quality equipment and services that provide greater independence and well-being to individuals living with restricted mobility. In terms of mobility scooter provision, TPG is an advocate of appropriate product provision and road safety. Its latest safe driving day was part of this ongoing programme which was supported by the local County Council, Police and TPG’s leading scooter supplier, TGA.

TGA loaned their engaging test track for the day which simulates obstacles often encountered when out and about such as road crossings, uneven ground and kerbs. All attendees were able to put their driving skills to the test and receive expert advice from TPG and TGA advisors. There was also a range of TGA scooters available for test drives including the all-new Minimo Autofold.

A healthy number of visitors attended the event and completed the test track including PCSO Lewis Thomas from West Mercia Police. His attendance highlighted the importance of scooter safety in Hereford and surrounding areas. Everyone who tackled the course received a free safe driving certificate and an ice-cream. The event also provided the opportunity to watch and proactively participate in scooter hoist demonstrations and discuss insurance options.

Alastair Gibbs, Managing Director, TPG DisableAids, said: “I would like to thank everyone who attended our latest successful safe scooter driving day. Feedback from visitors, who experienced our test track kindly supplied by TGA, was really positive especially as it provided a fun and engaging range of obstacles to tackle. Road safety is essential for all scooters users and those who share the same space such as pedestrians. We believe it is not acceptable to own a scooter and drive it irresponsibly, owners need to consider others – hence our free awareness training at this event and on an ongoing basis.”

“TPG DisableAids is committed to delivering a consistent message with Hereford County Council and the local constabulary regarding appropriate use of mobility scooters. We want all locals living with restricted mobility to enjoy confident, positive independence without risk or worry. This event has not been just about one day; it is a platform that will continue to generate wide-reaching PR and social media directed at helping existing and potential elderly scooter owners and their decision makers. Equally we assist disabled individuals from a young age, sometimes from age eight upwards, so a better understanding of the contemporary style and capabilities of scooters these days was another invaluable angle – hence the outside broadcast from trendy Like Radio. An excellent and rewarding day all round for locals and our business and we look forward to championing road safety even more in the future.” 

Published: 29th May 2019