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Information Resources for Autistic People & Those Who Support Them During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a new virus, which is impacting everyone’s lives, including autistic people and their families.
Scottish Autism have created some information resources about COVID-19 that they hope you will find useful at this
challenging time.

COVID-19 support document

Providing meaningful information on all things autism.

Scottish Autism recognises that access to reliable and useful information is critical for autistic individuals, their families
and involved professionals.

They are continuously developing information resources on a range of day to day topics and issues. Their information
development is based on their knowledge and understanding of the common challenges that arise for people.
This is informed by the nature of the many enquiries made to the Autism Advice Line.

In addition to web based information, Scottish Autism autism advisors are happy to discuss individual situations and
where possible will provide bespoke information and advice. To speak to an advisor directly, please contact the advice line.

If you are looking for help explaining Coronavirus to your relative or the person you support,
click here:

What is Coronavirus?
What should I do if I have Coronavirus?
What should I do if someone at home has Coronavirus?
What to do if I sneeze or cough?
What to do if I’m ill with something else?
I will try to sneeze or cough into elbow

Hand washing poster

If you are looking for stories to help explain Coronavirus to your relative or the person you support,
click here:

Learn at home
Learn at school
Groups and activites outside of the home
What is social distancing?

Scottish Government have made an easyread version of its advice to download

Coronavirus Latest Advice – Scottish Government and NHS
Coronavirus Isolation Poster – Scottish Government and NHS

External Useful Documents on Coronavirus

Carol Gray – Coronavirus 
Dr Siobhan Timmons – What is Coronavirus?
Coronavirus Story – easy read
COVID-19 Hospital Visiting Guidance


Education Resources
Support for parents at home
Mood diary
Circle of control
My week
Suppoting your child’s wellbeing

Published: 23rd March 2020

Source: Scottish Autism – 23.03.2020 Covid-19 update and new information resources

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