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Integration & Sustainability – Why are they important?

BHTA Sustainability and Integration Conference 2022 - Website

Two words you have probably read about over the last couple of years are ‘integration’ and ‘sustainability’, but why are they important to BHTA members and the healthcare sector?

On its own, sustainability will help any business to be efficient, but integration and sustainability combined will help a business to improve and potentially transform the way they operate, running through the entire company, with the involvement and input of all stakeholders.

What does sustainability mean?

The three main strands of sustainability are economy, society, and the environment.

If your business is sustainable it should lead to more profit, which benefits the economy, creating solutions (and therefore employment) that will benefit society and in turn, by operating in a more sustainable business model, help the environment.

How does a business become more sustainable? 

There are numerous ways to improve sustainability and integrate them with your business.

For example, increasing innovation and cost savings, could lead to more customers and an increase in profit.

Sustainability doesn’t just mean being environmentally friendly, although of course, that is of utmost importance in the times we live in.

Financial sustainability is tantamount to creating and sustaining a successful business model. Legal sustainability, particularly now we are in a post-Brexit scenario, is crucial, and here at the BHTA, we are dedicated to helping you to navigate each legislative twist and turn on the rollercoaster ride as they happen.

The integration of sustainability 

In order for sustainability to be a long-term benefit it needs to be at the forefront of every level of your business, and to do this properly, it should involve the entire framework of your business.

For your top level integration and sustainability plan to work, you need to have the input of every stakeholder in your company.

Integration and sustainability in the healthcare sector 

The introduction of the Health Care Bill by the government, has meant that companies are having to assess and realign their business model and processes.

All of which led us here at the BHTA to think of the best way that we can help our members to integrate sustainability into their business model, as effectively as possible, as well as to understand the changing NHS landscape and the new organisations.

For example, our members will need to consider how they structure their businesses to interact with these new entities, who will be the key stakeholders?

Also, how will social care be included, will NHS Supply Chain be involved, how could supply and distribution be affected and who will be procuring?

There is also the new Central Commercial Function being set up with NHS England, again the questions above will need to be assessed.

Of course, we also have the prospect of a new government to contend with, led by either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak, and how will they shape the healthcare sector and our members going forward into the next two years at least?

Indeed, as Danny Mortimer, deputy chief executive of the NHS Confederation has said:

“We need both Mr Sunak and Ms Truss to demonstrate a heavy dose of realism about the state of the NHS and the promise of an open, frank and honest conversation about what this means.”

The BHTA Integration and Sustainability Conference

On September 22nd at the Tower Hotel in London, we are gathering over one hundred industry leaders to discuss integration and sustainability in the NHS and healthcare sector.

We have also lined up guest speakers at the very epicentre of this movement who will discuss their vision and their plans for creating a long-lasting culture of sustainability and at the same time leading the integration agenda in partnership with Integrated Care Systems.

Senior Executives from NHS Supply Chain, NHS England & Improvement, Foundations UK, and the newly appointed director of NHS Medtech will be there as guest speakers and also answer any questions and queries you may have.

There will also be panel discussions for you to get an in-depth involvement in the decisions being made that will affect your business.

The new BHTA Chief Executive Officer, David Stockdale, will also be at the confidence to host a Q and A section. 

For more information on the BHTA Integration & Sustainability Conference, you can see our event page here, with all the details for the day and how to book your tickets.

Tickets are selling fast so it will be a good idea to get your seats booked as soon as you can!

We look forward to seeing you in September and in the meantime, if you have any questions about the conference then please do get in touch with us here: