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Leading Outsource CES Providers Working Together to Support NHS and Local Authorities

We are facing an unprecedented public health crisis, where only cooperation, understanding and resourcefulness will
help to maintain our vital services. Following detailed discussions Medequip Assistive Technology, NRS Healthcare,
Millbrook Healthcare, Ross Care and the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) have agreed to work closely
together to maximise continuity for local authorities and the NHS throughout the current Covid-19 crisis.

Optimising, planning and sharing information to ensure these organisations are able to provide maximum support for
their services, senior directors from each business are now holding weekly conference calls to discuss key areas such
as activity levels, geographical pressures and availability of qualified staff.

These levels of inter-company cooperation are designed to ensure best practice to maximise service user and
employee protection, and will deal with the management of key equipment and PPE availability as well as specific area
service continuity responses.

They are also extending to best practice utilisation of staff from other providers within geographic regions, such as
individuals who have been furloughed and kept on payroll, and also potentially providing assistance to vulnerable
groups with food and medicine distribution. This work is further enhanced by engagement with specialist teams set up
by the NHS and local authorities across the country.

Working closely together, the five organisations are totally committed to ensuring safe continuity of service provision
for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Dr Simon Festing

Chief Executive Officer

British Healthcare Trades Association

Published: 26th March 2020