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Moboa Launch New Cabins for Infection Prevention

BHTA member, Moboa, have introduced three new cabins that offer body and hand disinfection, temperature measurement and face recognition.

When the person enters the cabin, there is the mist which is sprayed which works on the entire surface of the person – it’s hypoallergenic, does not irritate the face and does not damage to clothes. The mist is a natural biocide that occurs in the human immune system, so it is entirely harmless. The fluid used in the cabins is entirely natural and has the necessary certificates confirming the high efficiency to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses. One disinfection process takes 5-15 seconds.

Their cabins can increase the safety of patients, staff and the public, at the same time, and aims to reduce the spread of viruses. The cabin and the disinfection fluids have all the necessary EU certificates.

To see how their product works, please click the following link: