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New partnership puts people with a disability in the driving seat

Last Updated on 14/06/2021 by Millie York

Specialist Vehicle Rental (SVR) in Birmingham has chosen Queen Elizabeth Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) as its new charity partner.

SVR supply specially adapted lease and rental vehicles to people living with a disability across the UK. This new partnership will support QEF Mobility Services’ work providing driving assessments and driving lessons to disabled people; helping each person to be as mobile and independent as possible and providing unbiased information about the most suitable option of vehicle and adaptations available to hire, lease or purchase.

Based in Surrey, QEF provides expert advice and life-changing services to almost 10,000 disabled children and adults every year, enabling people to develop key life skills, increase mobility and maximise their independence.

The charity’s Mobility Services is one the UK’s largest providers of mobility advice and support for disabled people and those with age-related impairments. The charity has a specialist driving school with a team of qualified and experienced Driving Standards Agency Approved driving instructors who have been trained to the highest standards. QEF’s Mobility Services include rehabilitative tuition, driving lessons for confidence training – helping people to adapt to new methods of controlling the vehicle and driving lessons for new drivers up to test standard.

SVR was impressed by the charity’s unwavering commitment to ensure disabled people live as independent a life as possible and has pledged to give a 5% donation to QEF from every car supplied to a QEF client who uses the code ‘QEF’ as well as 5% off the cost of the rental, lease or purchase to the client themselves.

Leo Visconti, Director of Engagement and Partnerships at QEF said: “SVR’s enthusiasm for our work was evident from the moment we spoke, and we are delighted to have been chosen by them. We are a small charity, but we have big ambitions to ensure that our services enable disabled people to maximise their mobility and independence, and that anyone who wants to drive has the opportunity to learn to drive, as it affords freedoms that everyone should have, and this partnership will help us reach that goal.”

Kumba Bockarie from Croydon, contracted Polio when she was just four years old which effects the stability in her legs and means she struggles to walk long distances. She used QEF’s Mobility Services to help her pass her driving test to give her independent mobility and reduce her reliance on public transport.

Kumba said: “I have triplets and previously I had to rely on public transport to get us all around. The everyday trips, such as getting to school, were stressful. I can’t run for the bus, so there were times when one of my triplets would run ahead to hold the bus until I could get there.   I needed to learn to drive so I contacted QEF’s Mobility Services to organise an assessment. The Occupational Therapist tested my reaction times on a static rig using hand controls and then as I had a good response to this, I drove a car on their private track for the very first time – it was so exciting.

“QEF sent the results of my assessment, along with my doctor’s letter about my medication, to the DVLA and once I received my provisional license, I started driving lessons with QEF and I passed my driving test in May 2018. Since then, it has been fantastic – it has given me freedom – we can just get up and go and I can drive anywhere we want. There’s no stress and I can get the kids to school on time! Driving has opened up so much for me and has truly changed my life.”

Juggy Kudhail, the founder and MD at SVR added: “We are absolutely thrilled to be supporting QEF. It is not just a relationship, it’s a partnership where we look forward to working closely with QEF and their clients whilst supporting the charity. We endeavour to help understand peoples ‘life objectives’ and find solutions for their specific requirements. We work in close collaboration to ensure that we meet if not exceed expectations for all involved. SVR will find an answer for a client who needs our help. Our team are passionate in what they do and will always look to go the extra mile to help achieve customer satisfaction.”

It is hoped that the partnership will raise a minimum of £5,000 to support QEF’s mobility services. For any QEF clients that choose SVR, motoring and mobility solutions will be developed that are tailored to a clients’ specific disability and within their budget. These include adaptive equipment from basic hand controls through to full wheelchair access and hoists in its new vehicles and used vehicles. It can also create adaptations to a clients existing vehicle.

To hire, lease or purchase  a vehicle through SVR please visit call 01922 624967 or email and use the code ‘QEF’ to receive the discount.

Published: 14th June 2021

Source: Mobility Vehicle Hire Limites T/A Specialist Vehicle Rental