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Find Independent Disabled Driving Organisations that Provide a Range of Mobility Assessment Services and Advice.

Driving Mobility is a UK-wide network of independent disabled driving organisations that provide a range of mobility assessment services and advice.

There are 20 main disabled driving centres throughout the UK: each centre has satellite driving centres which may be more convenient for you to get to. Satellite centres may have limited assessment facilities and opening times.

If you live in Scotland – please note that if our ‘Find a Centre’ results show that your nearest Driving Centres are our Newcastle or Penrith Centres, as a Scottish resident you will unfortunately not be able to attend either of these Centres. This is due to NHS commissioning rules which state that services
for clients who live in Scotland and whose GP is based in Scotland are funded through NHS Lothian and not by an English NHS Trust. You should
therefore contact the Scottish Driving Assessment Service who will be able to help with your enquiry.

If you live in Wales – please note that as assessments in England are supported by the Department for Transport but in Wales by the Welsh Government,
you will therefore need to attend for an assessment in your country of residence.

Click Here to visit Driving Mobility to search for your nearest centre and view a map of information centres.

Published: 27th February 2020

Source: Driving Mobility

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