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East Midlands Airport Special Assistance

Special Assistance

“Everything you need to know about requesting special assistance at East Midlands Airport.”

East Midlands Airport, Blue Badge Parking.

Before you travel

Requesting assistance and making arrangements before you arrive at the airport

Departing from East Midlands Airport

Facilities and services for those requiring special assistance at the airport

Assistance at security

Enjoying a smooth journey through security

Facilities and services

Information about facilities and services for those who require special assistance

Arriving at the airport

Information about arriving at the airport

Hidden disabilities

Information about hidden disabilities

Accessible ground transportation

Information about accessible ground transportation at East Midlands Airport


We welcome your feedback on our special assistance services

Service Standards and Performance

Information on our service standards, performance, and how to give feedback.

Access Information & Distances

Find out everything you need to know to plan a journey at East Midlands Airport.

Published: January 2020

Source: East Midlands Airport

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