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Bournemouth Airport Special Assistance

Special Travel Assistance

Bournemouth Airport has a reputation for being a friendly, easy to use airport. 

Bournemouth Airport the following information will help you to plan your trip and provide a stress free start to your journey.

Special Travel Assistance from trained staff can be made available for departing passengers from the point of arrival at the airport and from the inbound aircraft.

Bournemouth Airport treat their passengers who require assistance as individuals and will speak to the passengers and carers to ensure they deliver the assistance required, whilst maintaining the dignity of the individual.

It is vital that the requirement for assistance is discussed with your airline to ensure that the required assistance is available (this differs for individual airlines) prior to arrival at the airport. Any requests for assistance should be made at least 48 hours in advance of travel.

As part of Bournemouth Airport’s commitment to improve their passengers experience we welcome feedback regarding their assistance team and your experience.

Bournemouth Airport can also facilitate pre-travel visits November to February for Disability Support Groups including those for hidden disabilities such Autism/Asperger’s/ Dementia etc. Visits are arranged through recognised groups, such as those listed below. However Bournemouth Airport welcome all support groups.

Autism Wessex 01305 213135 

Bournemouth Airport work with Autism Wessex to deliver training in understanding needs and requirements of people with Autism. This also gives Bournemouth Airport staff an opportunity to ask questions and share experiences. Bournemouth Airport also use this opportunity to see if they can make any improvements to their service.

The Bournemouth Blind Society 01202546644 

Bournemouth Airport work to enhance their teams understanding of the challenges of visual impairment. This is done by using various aids to restrict the individuals vision to different degrees. This gives insight to the special awareness experienced. Bournemouth Airport also use this opportunity to see if they can make any improvements.

STOMAWISE 0843 849 7459 

Bournemouth Airport work hard to ensure their teams understand the challenges faced by passengers with stomas, and understand that each individual has the right to dignity and respect and the challenges which may be faced whilst they are travelling through Bournemouth Airport.

Bournemouth Airport invite the above groups and societies into the Airport, and take these opportunities to work with the Security / Customer Services and PRM teams towards enhancing the passengers experience, and where appropriate host familiarisation visits and ask for their input into how we can improve our services and meet the passengers expectations.

All Disability Support Groups are welcome to engage with Bournemouth Airport.

For general enquiries please contact Bournemouth Airport help desk on 07534988571.

Hidden Disability Assistance

Bournemouth Airport is pleased to offer assistance to passengers with Hidden Disabilities in a variety of ways.

Passengers with Hidden Disabilities are offered the opportunity to participate in the airport’s Sunflower lanyard system which allows staff to identify passengers with a condition that may need additional services or awareness.

Passengers should attend the Airport Information Desk to register their requirements for a range of issues which include:

  • Hearing impairment – Portable hearing loops are available upon request at the Information desk and in Security.
  • Sight impairment
  • Colostomy and Stoma – Security members of staff are trained to deal with this condition when there is a requirement to undertake search procedures and a private area is set aside for this purpose.
  • Autism – Passengers on the Autistic Spectrum may book a familiarisation tour as part of guided a familiarisation tour tailored to the their needs prior to the flight.
  • Dementia – Bournemouth Airport is dementia friendly. Representatives are welcome to visit and deliver training/give information to Bournemouth Airport staff.

Booking Assistance

It is imperative that you discuss any special requirements when you make your travel arrangements or book a holiday. This applies to all booking methods – travel agents, websites or by telephone (Customers using an internet booking service will usually find a relevant telephone number on their websites). These booking details will then be passed to Bournemouth Airport’s disability service provider.

Please download the Bournemouth Airport accessibility guide and Bournemouth Airport terminal map for Bournemouth Airport, which will guide you through each step of the airport experience, highlighting areas in which you can wait for PRM assistance and detailing how they will assist you through each stage of the airport journey.

Bournemouth Airport are building relationships with the Bournemouth Blind Society and Autism Wessex to ensure their team have an insight into how best to assist passengers who live with these conditions.

Representatives are welcome to visit and deliver training/give information to the staff. 

For more information on the registered organisations Bournemouth Airport has worked closely with in creating their accessibility guide, please view the list of the accessibility support groups who continue to provide insight into accessibility requirements:

For general enquiries please contact the helpdesk on 07534988571.

Airport Security

All of the Security Officers at Bournemouth Airport are trained in Equality & Diversity to enable them to understand sensitivities regarding disabilities. Bournemouth Airport Security staff are obliged to carry out a hand search whenever a passenger activates the Archway Metal Detector, if you are a wheelchair user that’s likely to be the case. Walking aids are provided to assist passengers through the Archway Metal Detector and seating is available close to the AMD, there is also a private search area available within the security screening area. Water is available if required and if you need to take liquid medication in your hand luggage this will be screened using specific equipment.

Mobility Equipment

Travelling with an Electric Mobility Aid

At the time of booking your flight or up to 48 hours in advance of travelling, please contact your airline directly or via your travel agent to pre-book assistance.

You should also tell your airline if you intend to take your own mobility aid such as wheelchair or scooter. The airline will also require the make and model of your mobility equipment along with the weight and dimensions, this information is required to make your electric mobility aid safe for travel.

When you arrive at Bournemouth Airport for your departure flight, please proceed to one of the Help points or Information Desk within the Terminal. From this point a member of staff will assess your needs and will ensure that your electric mobility aid is safe for travel.

You can remain in your electric mobility aid right up to the aircraft door. However, staff may ask you to transfer to one of our wheelchairs at the gate. By doing this your electric mobility aid can be taken to the aircraft side for loading in a timely manner. Staff will then board you on your flight.

On arrival back into Bournemouth Airport you will be met by a member of staff who will collect your electric mobility aid from the aircraft hold, and will then assist you through the arrivals process. If there is a problem with your electric mobility aid on arrival at Bournemouth Airport will provide a courtesy wheelchair.

Facilities and Services Parking

Disabled ‘drop off’ and parking spaces are located in Car Park 1 for any length of stay. Normal car park charges apply. Unfortunately increased security measures mean that vehicles are no longer able to park at the front of the terminal building.

On arrival at Bournemouth Airport

  • If you require wheelchair assistance or help with your luggage from the disabled parking spaces, you should contact staff using the help point located in Car Park 1
  • Alternatively, contact staff using the help point located next to the Information Desk which is located in the main terminal building.


If you require the use of a wheelchair from the car park, please contact staff using the help point in Car Park 1. Wheelchairs are available for use free of charge, but please note they are subject to availability.

Boarding the aircraft

We have a range of equipment to help you board the aircraft quickly and efficiently. Our staff will discuss individual requirements with you and arrange the most appropriate type of help.

Passenger Assistance

These new areas are easy to locate and can be found adjacent to the Information Desk, in the Departure Lounge and in the International and Domestic Arrivals Halls.

Toilet facilities

There are fully equipped disabled toilets located in all areas of the terminal building.


Public telephones are available in the terminal. Lowered units may be found in the airside restaurant area.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are allowed into the terminal building and may travel on aircraft, providing they comply with the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS).

For advice on flying with your assistance dog contact: or

Useful contacts

Bournemouth Airport (main switchboard) – 01202 364000

Disability service provider – 07534988571

Useful web links

The UK government code of practice for access to air travel for disabled people may be found at:

Compliance Procedures

European Legislation

The Regulation No 1107/2006 concerns the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air.

From the 26 July 2008 new European legislation (Regulation No 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air) comes into force.

The aim of this legislation is to ensure that consistently high quality disabled assistance is provided at airports throughout the European community.

The airport will have overall responsibility and management of this new service.

In order to comply with Article 9 clause 3 of the new legislation we are publishing our table of service standards.

Performance Standards

Our Performance

Assistance Consultative Group

Consultative Group – May 2018
Consultative Group – Nov 2018
Consultative Group – Nov 2019

Published: January 2020

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