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Scottish Stoma Nurses Community

Welcome to the Scottish Stoma Nurses community.

From their link below you will find useful links to relevant stoma care web pages as well as the contact information for all NHS stoma care services within Scotland.

Stoma Nurse Specialists are pathfinders who help guide patients to obtain an optimum quality of life. However, adapting to life with a stoma involves a number of physical and psychological challenges, and the partnership formed between a patient and a stoma nurse specialist is central to making this transition a successful one. The stoma nurse specialist therefore plays a key role in the rehabilitation process, by providing information, education, as well as encouragement and counselling for patients and their carers, all of whom have a diverse range of fears, needs and aspirations. The comprehensive holistic care provided by stoma care nurse specialists has become central to enabling stoma patients achieve their optimum quality of life.

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