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Stiltz Homelifts Synergise with OT Show Professionals to Deliver Positive Outcomes

Multi award-winning domestic homelift manufacturer, Stiltz, received significant enquiries from brand-aware healthcare professionals during this year’s OT Show, 27-28 November, NEC.

Stiltz has a proven track record of working successfully with Occupational Therapists, Housing Improvement Agencies and Case Managers so that occupational performance is maximised for clients. Stiltz Homelifts are becoming a preferred prescriptive choice for professionals due to their provision of an innovative and future-proofed alternative to traditional through-floor lifts or stairlifts. Pioneering ergonomic design and aesthetics combine with total safety compliance to enhance independence and quality of life within a two, or three-storey property.

The Stiltz stand showcased the two-person Duo and three person/wheelchair Trio homelifts. These shaft-free solutions replace the need to use stairs, hence removing associated safety risks for disabled and elderly people.

Negating the need to relocate or incur costly building adaptations, a Stiltz solution offers flexible and straightforward installation for independence at home. With client well-being and safety improved, strain on NHS care and social services are reduced – an attractive consideration for healthcare professionals responsible for community enablement. This message was referenced many times by delegates at the OT Show who commonly highlighted an increasing positive familiarity with both the company and its products. Visitors were signposted to the stand by eye-catching Stiltz-branded stilt walkers who provided information regarding Disabled Facilities Grants, free CPD training and the homelifts themselves.

Gino Farruggio, Stiltz UK Trade Sales Director, commented: “As we proactively seek to work with OTs, HIAs and Case Managers, it was clearly evident at this year’s show that more professionals are aware of our homelifts and why they provide a better solution for community independence. We are proud of our client-centric approach which is clinically driven to ensure appropriate products are installed within every scenario. When you consider the severe lack of cost-effective residential care, shortage of bungalows and the upheaval of ground floor adaptations or extensions, our product range offers a simple cost-effective alternative. Future-proofed community inclusion and enablement is our objective, which we will continue to deliver through a focused understanding of end user needs. We look forward to fulfilling all the assessment requests we received at the NEC and presenting further CPD education in 2020.”

Published: 4th December 2019