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Travel Training Information

Across London there are a range of Travel Mentoring schemes also known in some places as Travel Training. These exist to build the confidence of disabled and older transport users.

They arrange for you to meet a Travel Mentor who will accompany you on a journey several times to give you the confidence you need to become an independent traveller. Please note that in all cases you will have to book this in advance.

Whilst these mentors cannot make broken wheelchair ramps work or bus drivers drive up to the kerb, they can assist you in attempting to negotiate these problems and find routes or journeys for regular trips you would like to make.

Transport for London have their own Travel Mentoring scheme with four travel trainers available to accompany you on your first few trips across the capital. Call 020 3054 4361 or click here

For information on your nearest travel training scheme, ring Transport for All: 020 7737 2339

Bus Days

In nine London boroughs, TfL’s Travel Mentoring Service work with the local bus company to hold Bus Days, aimed at helping disabled people use buses independently. Whilst most participants are people with learning difficulties, they are open to anyone who would like to become more confident using buses. Together with police from the Safer Transport Team, participants can practise making journeys on a bus which has been taken out of service for the day.

Bus Days take place regularly in Enfield, Hackney, Kingston, Merton, Sutton, Southwark, Wandsworth, Camden and Westminster.

For more information, please contact the Travel Mentoring Service on 020 3054 4361 or email travelmentor [at]

Published: 7th February 2020

Source: Transport for all

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