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UK AT Sector Welcomes the Essential Assistive Products List Survey

The British Assistive Technology Association and World Health Organisation GATE Programme are pleased to have received an overwhelmingly positive response to the UK APL (Assistive Products List) survey.

Initial organisational stakeholders aware of the initiative, met on 21st July and have subsequently committed to supporting the UK APL roadmap. The goal is to bring together all those using or connected to AT, to develop a list of which assistive products are essential for living a fully accessible life in the UK today.

Through establishing this first UK APL, we see that as a newly unified stakeholder community we shall be able to move forward to provide policy makers with the opinions and data they need to advance equitable access to high-quality AT in the UK.

As a group of stakeholders we will be a space for the voices of the UK AT ecosystem to hear each other’s concerns, and firstly work together to identify what barriers and gaps there are to accessing the most essential assistive products that people need in the UK in 2020-21.

To establish a comprehensive UK APL we are reaching out to all organisations and individuals who use assistive products, to complete the survey and make recommendations of which products that they feel should be considered for the final essential list.

The survey is based upon the WHO global template APL and is a guide for us to develop. We must devise an APL to represent our own experience in the UK today, so please take the time to complete the survey which can be found here: and strengthen the message of how vital AT is in our lives.

Please connect to the group or groups of stakeholders that are important to your area of experience and knowledge. Links to where you can apply to join the specialised domain stakeholder groups are also found on this page.

Esther Dakin-Poole, the UK APL Coordinator would welcome all organisations, individual users and advocates to contact her. You can inform her about your work or lived experience and formally confirm your involvement. This will ensure that you or your organisation are fully represented and that you are kept informed of progress.

Remember, if you wear a pair of reading glasses or orthotics in your shoes, you use AT. AT is everywhere and luckily it is widely available in the UK for the many not just the few. Make your voice heard and take the survey today:

To contact Esther Dakin-Poole, UK APL Coordinator please email:

Published: 14th August 2020

Source: BATA (British Assistive Technology Association)

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