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What People are Telling Healthwatch: October – December 2019

Find out what the public has been telling Healthwatch about health and social care from October to December.
This briefing also looks at and examines emerging themes across services, focusing on healthcare for trans
people, and access to wheelchair services.

Between October and December over 8,690 people shared their experiences of using health and social care with
Healthwatch. This briefing looks at 149 reports published by local Healthwatch, as well as individual feedback from
the public. It aims to provide health and social care professionals with a summary of the issues people have raised
with Healthwatch. 

What issues do we look at? 

  • Key issues the public have told them about primary care, hospital care, social care and mental health support.
  • The top questions people are seeking advice about. 
  • In focus: Healthwatch take a closer look at what people are telling them about NHS funded wheelchair and home equipment
    services, as well as the issues trans people experience when it comes to health and care.

In focus

The blogs on each in focus section go in further depth about each topic:

Published: 12th March 2020

Source: Healthwatch

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