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Why buy from a BHTA member?

Buying from our members gives you protection and peace of mind

When searching for the right healthcare and assistive technology product or service, it is important you find a provider that puts your needs first. By choosing a BHTA company, you can rest assured that you will be treated fairly, and will have somewhere to turn if the worst should happen.

The right healthcare product or service can transform lives, enabling users to regain their mobility, independence, freedom and confidence.

However, it can be difficult to know which company to trust to help you with such an important buying decision.

By choosing to work with an accredited BHTA member company, you can be sure to receive expert advice and customer service.

Our members voluntarily commit to abide by our Code of Practice, which is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

This means they have to provide a level of service above and beyond that of their legal obligations.

How to tell if a company is a BHTA member?

Whether you are buying a mobility scooter, a riser recliner, or having a stairlift installed, it is always best to confirm that they are a BHTA-accredited company.

To verify if a company is a BHTA member:

• Look for the BHTA logo on their shop window, company vehicle, or website BHTA logo transparent
• Ask to see their BHTA Membership Certificate
• Check our member directory
Contact us to verify if a company is a member

What to expect from a BHTA member

By choosing to buy from one of our accredited members, you can expect to work with a company that is ethical, trustworthy and has your best interests at heart.

In particular, you can:

Always expect to be treated with respect, compassion and dignity from our members

Always expect our members to be fully compliant with all relevant legislation

Always expect accurate and clear advice, guidance and information from our members, as well as fair comparisons

Always expect to only be recommended and supplied products and services that meet a genuine need

Always expect a full assessment where your ability, well-being, environment, and activities may have an effect on the safe use and suitability of a product

Always expect a high standard of after-sales service from our members and to ensure a prompt and adequate service and repair policy

To find out what else to expect from our members, check out the 10 principles of the BHTA Code of Practice

How we can protect you from
underhand selling practices

Unfortunately, there are some unsavoury selling tactics still in use today which can catch even the best of us out. Ensure you do not fall prey to any of these inappropriate practices by buying from our members.

Six examples of common high-pressure selling / mis-selling tactics that we protect you against:

• A salesperson stays an unreasonably long time in your home

• A salesperson suggests a high initial price, followed by the offer of a discount (often followed by a telephone call to the ‘manager’)

• A discount is given on the condition that you agree to the sale that day

• A salesperson withholds price information until the end of the sales discussion/visit

• There is alleged limited availability of a product

• A misrepresentation of the product, price or contract

Working with our members means you can expect to never have these tactics used against you. In the unlikely event you believe an accredited member has used any of the above, you can report them to us and we have the power to hold the member to account.

More ways we can support you

From useful guidance and advice to information on what to do in the event
a dispute arises between you and a company, we are here to help you and your loved ones.