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A guide on personal issue first aid kits

Last Updated on 18/12/2023 by Sarah Sarsby

Who needs a personal issue first aid kit?

Personal issue kits should be issued to individual first aiders and other employees where appropriate to their role, e.g. security personnel, cleaners, maintenance, etc. as a supplementary resource to small, medium and large first aid kits being available in the workplace.

Where are personal issue first aid kits appropriate?

If your business has people working offsite, in vehicles or lone workers in an isolated environment, kits will need to be issued amongst persons that fall within those categories.

Personal issue first aid kit image


This convenient kit can be worn on the person; it contains essential first aid products enable basic first aid to be provided quickly and easily. The personal issue kit is designed to enable effective CPR and deal with common minor injuries, such as breaks and sprains to arms and small bleeding injuries.

What is the recommended quantity?

It is recommended that one personal issue kit is issued to each first aider and any other employee and required, following a needs assessment.


1 x Guidance leaflet

1 x Contents list

1 x Large sterile dressing

1 x Triangular bandage

10 x Sterile adhesive dressings

4 x Alcohol free cleansing wipes

2 x Pairs of nitrile gloves

1 x Resuscitation face shield

1 x Foil blanket

1 x Pair of universal shears