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The webinar series providing advice and information to help BHTA members’ businesses thrive and grow

Discover advice, information and insights from experts in a range of fields by watching our BHTA presents… series of webinars. Covering a variety of topics, these business booster videos enable you to stay informed and are designed to help your business to thrive and succeed in the healthcare and assistive technologies industry.

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Getting to grips with Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) funding
Getting to grips with Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) funding

EHCP funding with Guv Kaur Watch Guv Kaur talk through EHCPs, with a specific focus on the provision of children’s equipment. Recorded: 29 November 2023 BHTA presents… topic: Getting to grips ...

BHTA presents "Lithium Battery Transport and Concerns"
BHTA presents “Lithium Battery Transport and Concerns”

Lithium batteries with DG Solutions Watch Dan Gravenor talk through the types of Lithium Batteries that are commonly seen in the Healthcare Industry, and the common issues faced by suppliers and ...

BHTA presents… "Trade & Investment Opportunities for British Healthcare in Germany"
BHTA presents… “Trade & Investment Opportunities for British Healthcare in Germany”

Trade & Investment Opportunities for British Healthcare in Germany Watch the speakers to learn more about successfully entering Germany’s healthcare market, OTWorld 2024, and setting up a base in Germany in ...

BHTA presents... "How to become a sustainable business"
BHTA presents… “How to become a sustainable business”

Watch Sarah Mardle address the challenges and benefits of implementing a sustainable agenda.

BHTA presents... "Engaging with the NHS for successful MedTech development and adoption"
BHTA presents… “Engaging with the NHS for successful MedTech development and adoption”

How companies developing MedTech for use in the NHS can work with the NHS and increase the chance of adoption.

BHTA presents… "Business Skills" with Wenta
BHTA presents… “Business Skills” with Wenta

Business Skills with Wenta Watch Carol Allen Carol speak about Wenta’s webinars, business advisors and model of support. Recorded: 7th August 2023 BHTA presents… topic: Business Skills with Wenta Presenter: Carol Allen, ...

BHTA presents… "How to Sell Innovation to the NHS"
BHTA presents… “How to Sell Innovation to the NHS”

Watch Dave Burrows, founder of Damibu Ltd., share his experience selling into the NHS and learn the basics of partnering with the NHS.

BHTA presents... "Member Product Showcase June 2023"
BHTA presents… “Member Product Showcase June 2023”

Watch 5 of BHTA’s Mobility members as they showcase some of their new products.

BHTA presents... "The OT Service"
BHTA presents… “The OT Service”

Guest Speaker Adam Ferry from The OT Service presenting at the Beds & Support Surfaces, Pressure Care, Seating & Positioning Section Meeting.

BHTA presents... "Dealing with Cyber Risk"
BHTA presents… “Dealing with Cyber Risk”

Current and emerging cyber threats to your business and give you practical advice on how you can deal with these.

BHTA presents... "Orthotics and Prosthetics - Taking on an Apprentice"
BHTA presents… “Orthotics and Prosthetics – Taking on an Apprentice”

Join the University of Derby to learn about employing an Orthotic or Prosthetic Apprentice

BHTA presents... 'Design for Compliance - navigating the changing landscape'
BHTA presents… ‘Design for Compliance – navigating the changing landscape’

Watch Founder and Director of REDMEDTECH, and Medical Device Consultant, Laurie Rowe, give advice on navigating the updated compliance landscape

BHTA Roundtable: Virtual assessments and assistive technologies roundtable – What the future holds

At the height of the pandemic, healthcare and industry professionals raced to implement virtual assessments to ensure those in need of assistive technologies continued to receive vital products and services.

In this roundtable, experts share their experiences of virtual assessments, consider the evidence and examine what the future holds.

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