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Principles underpinning our Code of Practice

All members commit to the BHTA Code of Practice promise, which is built on 10 key principles.


Compliance with all relevant legislation relating to advertising and marketing, the sale of goods, relevant European Directives/Regulations, consumer rights, disability rights, and data protection


Making themselves aware of pertinent legislation to ensure they do not offer, stipulate, infer or imply anything in their terms and conditions of contract which provides the customer with less protection or a worse deal than that provided by law


Where selling products, they ensure that these are of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose specified. Their selling techniques will be ethical and they will deliver high standards of service


Any claims made by the company and its employees will be honest and truthful, and will not give rise to false expectations. Information, claims and comparisons must be accurate, balanced, fair, objective and unambiguous. They must not mislead, either directly or by implication


They will act at all times in such a manner as to justify public trust and confidence, to uphold the good standing and reputation of the healthcare industry, to serve the best interests of society, and above all, to safeguard the interests of individual customers


They will respect the confidentiality of information obtained and not disclose such information without the consent of the customer concerned or a person entitled to act on their behalf, except where such disclosure is required by law


Products and services will only be supplied where they fulfil a genuine need


All communications, verbal and written, will be made in plain language


At all times, the vulnerable nature of the customer will be respected. No customer will be coerced in any way. All customers will be given information in an appropriate format, and will have their particular needs taken into account


Members will not disparage the products and activities of other healthcare and assistive technology companies; nor the clinical and scientific opinions of health professionals

The Code of Practice in detail

Our Code of Practice is comprehensive, detailing how companies in the healthcare and assistive technology industry should behave,
and what protections are afforded to consumers that buy from our members.

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