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Committing to the Code

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Commit to raising consumer and industry standards

Before companies can proudly call themselves members of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), they must pass our comprehensive eligibility checks and sign up to our recognised Code of Practice.

A commitment to raising consumer standards

By signing up to the Code of Practice, members commit to safeguarding and promoting the interests of customers, requiring companies to go above and beyond their legal requirements.

Our Code of Practice sits at the heart of the BHTA, and our members choose to be held accountable to the Code because of their shared desire to raise standards and stamp out unethical trading.

How our Code of Practice works

Our Code of Practice gives an extra layer of security for consumers and sets out clear expectations and requirements for our members.

Mystery shopping

We carry out mystery shopping activities on our members to ensure the requirements of the Code are upheld by all staff.

Independent compliance audits

To ensure fairness and impartiality, we work with independent auditors to conduct comprehensive, independent audits of members.

Customer satisfaction forms

Members hand out customer satisfaction feedback forms to consumers to complete and return to us to review.

By committing to our Code of Practice, our members agree to abide by the rules set out. Any potential breaches of the Code of Practice raised to us are fully investigated and in the event that a member is found to be in breach, could result in disciplinary action, including fines and even expulsion.

Learn more about the Code

Committing to our Code demonstrates to your customers, suppliers and staff that your business is serious
about customer service and improving consumer standards. Discover more about the requirements of our Code of Practice.

Be part of something bigger

Our Code of Practice is the first and only code of practice in the healthcare industry to have been endorsed by
the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) under its Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS).

Signing up to our Code of Practice means members also join the CCAS initiative and can
join over 80,000 businesses displaying the distinguished CCAS logo!

Show your customers you care

Be part of a community of trustworthy companies who take their responsibility to make the lives of their customers better seriously.