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Abacus Bath Demonstration Vehicles prove Popular for Safe OT Outdoor Assessments

Abacus, the specialist manufacturer of accessible baths for disabled bathers, is receiving positive feedback from Occupational Therapists and clients regarding its unique bath demonstration vehicles which provide Covid-safe outdoor assessments.

Part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions is a respected provider of power assisted baths that support individuals with restricted mobility. It works closely with clients and Occupational Therapists so the best outcomes are achieved for disabled bathers and carers seeking safe assisted bathing in the home.

A crucial part of the Abacus service is clinical assessment of client bathing needs which can be completed across the UK using video technology or within a fleet of demonstration vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a simulated bathroom and specialist power-assisted baths available for physically trialling. Bathers, families and healthcare profesionals can experience first-hand functionality such as powered height adjustment and transfer seats. These assessments ensure the most appropriate bathing product and postural supports are provided to maximise safety, comfort and peace of mind.

As an ethical manufacturer, Abacus has a duty of care to vulnerable clients and therapists so employs a stringent ‘Protection Promise’ to eliminate Covid-19 risks during assessment. This approach is being combined with use of its demonstration vehicles to give clients and Occupational Therapists a unique reassuring opportunity – an outdoor location whilst offering an ‘indoor’ assessment. Science has proven the risk of coronavirus transmission is significantly lower outside which can be strengthened further by PPE, thorough hygiene practices and social distancing. These factors are all encompassed in an Abacus bathing assessment conducted in one of its demonstration vehicles.

Jane Reid, Occupational Therapist, comments: “I have found assessments with the Abacus demonstration vehicle to be very successful. Clients are able to see and feel the bath equipment in a safe environment. Some of my ambulant clients and their family members have experienced sitting in the baths during the demo, which makes the assessment much more interactive for them. The vehicle provides shelter from the elements and also allows privacy during the assessment.”

Adam Ferry, Occupational Therapist and Director of The OT Service has identified the clinical benefits of the Abacus vehicles as he concludes: “In a time when the safety of home based interventions are being constantly reviewed, the Abacus demonstration vehicles have been able to deliver safe ‘indoor’ bathing assessments in a well ventilated area outside the family home. Robust risk assessments have been developed to ensure the vehicles are fully Covid compliant whilst continuing to support families and individuals exploring the opportunity to engage in bathing as a meaningful activity.”

Published: 17th March 2021

Source: Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions