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BHTA Chairman on Reducing Clinical Risk Action Plan

BHTA, working with key members companies, has put together an effective and detailed return to work document that seeks to reduce the
clinical risk from COVID19 for both service users and clinical staff supporting them. Initially this work is around NHS Wheelchair Services,
but the excellent good practice is a model for all businesses invloved in close personal contatc with service users.

We feel that this is a vital next step in driving the key levers that will ensure a safe and effective return to working patterns and ensure that
services users and customers can be confident that their provider and supplier are working to reduce the clinical risk involved in these

This is a significant input to the return to work programme and the BHTA is delighted to be once again working very closely with key
providers and suppliers to ensure that best practice is at forefront of what will be the new normal.

Andrew Stevenson

Published: 27th May 2020