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Members to learn how to work with DLF ProAssist to promote accurate prescribing of their products at November webinar

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) is hosting a new webinar in November, providing companies with an opportunity to discover how their products can be found by healthcare professionals on DLF’s latest online platform.

Taking place on the 11th November 2021 at 12pm, the free webinar entitled ‘How you can support professionals in prescribing and recommending your products’ will be held in partnership with leading charity DLF.

This webinar will give companies an opportunity to see a live demo of DLF’s new online tool: ProAssist. Members will gain insights into how healthcare professionals will use it, and how they can contribute to this resource.

Launched in 2021, DLF ProAssist is designed to be the go-to solution for practitioners. Created to be a professional hub for personalised solutions, the platform is an online resource for professionals involved in identifying solutions for older and disabled people.

Part of the DLF for Professionals programme, DLF ProAssist provides impartial information, evidence and tools to assist practitioners and prescribers to justify their selection of assistive technology solutions using clinical reasoning.

The programme is a vital component of the charity’s role in enabling older and disabled people to live as independently as possible, and maintain their chosen lifestyles.

ProAssist was created for practitioners and uses ISO classifications based on function to help professionals find products new to market or equipment they have not normally considered. The system leads users through a menu process that focuses on the individual’s function and identifies a range of products that will meet that need. This widens the range of solutions a practitioner might consider and gives a more person-centred approach. The tool will also help with clinical justification for products outside of the standard agreed stock and produce reports for use in a range of situations.

Webinar attendees will learn what they can do to reach professionals and help support them when prescribing their products. They will be given a demonstration of the new tool and also have the opportunity to ask questions.

This webinar will mark the first of the new ‘BHTA presents…’ series of webinars. The series will see the BHTA partner with leading organisations, both inside and outside the industry, to deliver free webinars designed to provide invaluable information and insights for healthcare and assistive technology companies.

Calvin Barnett, Head of Marketing and Communications for the British Healthcare Trades Association, commented:

“We are very excited to announce our new series of upcoming ‘BHTA presents’ webinars and delighted that the first one is with DLF. There is so much incredible work being carried out by different organisations in the industry to assist people to live better, more independent lives, and we hope our webinars will help bring the industry together and shine a light on some of these projects.

“The DLF ProAssist platform is one of these projects. For assistive technology companies, it can be difficult reaching busy healthcare professionals to ensure they are aware and understand the latest solutions to assist their clients. Equally, it is tough for healthcare professionals to find the time to stay up to date on the wide array of products and services on the market when balancing ever-growing caseloads.

“The DLF ProAssist platform is exciting as it looks to tackle this dilemma. The webinar will provide our members with a great chance to learn more about the platform, and also how to help support the initiative.”

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About the speaker

DLF's Clare Barber will present at the upcoming BHTA webinar this November

The webinar will be delivered by Clare Barber, Professionals Services Manager and Occupational Therapist at the DLF.

Clare started work in health and social care over 20 years ago working across several services including community and inpatient roles. She has been involved in quality improvement and since joining the DLF has re-written and expanded the suite of popular Trusted Assessor courses and increased the training offering to a wider audience. In the past year, Clare has designed, developed and launched the DLF ProAssist tool to support practitioners like herself prescribe equipment and adaptations.