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BHTA presents… ‘Demystifying DFGs – Understanding the rules and speeding up the process’

Insights into DFGs, helping you to better navigate the system

Watch Foundations UK Director and DFG guru, Paul Smith, as he gives a webinar to BHTA members on the newly released Disabled Facilities Grants guidance and what it means for companies involved in the provision of adaptations and equipment.

Recorded: 4 May 2022

BHTA presents… topic: Demystifying DFGs – Understanding the rules and speeding up the process

Presenter: Paul Smith, Foundations UK Director

Synopsis: This webinar provides members with an insight into DFGs, helping them to better inform and advise their customers, as well as better navigate the system.

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About the speaker

Paul Smith is on a mission to improve how home adaptations are provided. Trained as a Building Surveyor, he has a unique 30-year background in building design, grant administration, policy development and commissioning. Paul is now the Director of Foundations, the national body for Home Improvement Agencies in England. He was one of the authors of the independent review of Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) in 2018 and worked with government to develop the new DFG guidance

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