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BHTA presents… Tender Pass or Fail – How to Create a Compliant Carbon Reduction Plan

Tender Pass or Fail – How to Create a Compliant Carbon Reduction Plan

Watch Sarah Joy Newton as she explains why the NHS roadmap towards net zero means all suppliers need to join them on the journey or risk being excluded from tendering or supplying to the NHS.

Recorded: 15 November 2023

BHTA presents… topic: NHS Tenders

Presenter: Sarah Joy Newton, Amethyst Connect.

Synopsis: How to Create a Compliant Carbon Reduction Plan

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About the speaker

Sarah Joy is a qualified nurse in adult and pediatric care, with an additional 15 years of excelling as a sales representative in the medical device industry before becoming involved in compliance and tendering.

She is known for her enthusiasm and energy, with a genuine desire to ensure that, as well as product and company success, patient outcomes are improved, and customers’ needs are met. Sarah’s nursing and medical sales experience has given her extensive knowledge of the sector and, through Amethyst Connect, has been providing expertise and support to suppliers accessing the NHS for the last several years.

As an experienced tender bid writer and internal ISO auditor, Sarah Joy has developed a real insight into how to successfully complete and produce winning tender bids and provides solutions on how to comply with the ever-changing public procurement legislation, including the most recent requirements around: o Social value o Net Zero o Labour Standards o Modern Slavery Sarah Joy has become passionate about sustainability and is a Social Value and SROI accredited practitioner and has also completed the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) training with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

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