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BHTA welcomes Sigvaris Group Britain as a new member

Last Updated on 20/10/2023 by Samantha Lewis

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Sigvaris Group Britain has recently become a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). It is a medical compression therapy firm offering a wide range of innovative products to cater for different needs and indications.

BHTA recently caught up with Emma Deakin, General Manager of Sigvaris Group Britain, to find out more about the company, the importance of aligning to the BHTA’s professional standards, and its plans for the future.

Emma Deakin, General Manager of Sigvaris Britain image
Emma Deakin, General Manager of Sigvaris Britain

BHTA: How did you start at Sigvaris Group Britain?

Emma: “My whole career has been in healthcare, originally an accident and emergency specialist nurse. I then moved to stoma care and took the leap to what used to be known in the NHS as the ‘dark side’ into industry over 20 years ago. I have enjoyed roles across clinical, sales, marketing, management, and at board level in medical devices.

“I have joined Sigvaris drawn by the true people culture combined with a desire and drive to offer high-quality innovative products. Sigvaris Britain has huge potential; we have an expert team locally and globally, able to drive the UK position of Sigvaris Britain to one of market leadership.”

BHTA: What is Sigvaris Group Britain?

Emma: “Sigvaris Group is 100 percent family-owned since it was founded in 1864 in Winterthur by Moritz Ganzoni-Sträuli and his associate Niklaus Barthelts. From 1958 to 1960, the company collaborated with the phlebologist Dr. Karl Sigg and developed a medical compression stocking to improve venous function and relieve venous-related conditions.

“Today, Sigvaris Group is committed to helping people feel their best with high-quality and innovative offerings in medical compression therapy. Every day. Worldwide. Our portfolio caters to a wide range of different needs and indications.

“With headquarters in Switzerland, we operate our own production plants in Switzerland, France, Poland, the US and Brazil. We are close to our customers, having subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Canada, China, Australia, Mexico and a branch in the United Arab Emirates as well as distributors in more than 70 countries on all continents. We combine Swiss heritage with local craftsmanship.

“At Sigvaris Group Britain, we are proud to be celebrating our 30th year of operating in Great Britain.

“We are renowned for making exceptional products that combine advance technology and quality craftsmanship with diverse styles that fit modern lives.

“With the new Style Patterns range, this is no exception. Smooth seams reduce the friction against the limb and the lower compression offers containment of tissues to reduce oedema and pain in legs, thereby easing the discomfort people experience, which in turn improves mobility.

“Style Patterns offers contemporary, comfortable hosiery for everyday wear for mild to moderate lipoedema and lymphoedema. With a choice of three patterns, Polka Dot, Chequered and Mosaic in below knee, thigh high and tights, customers’ compression stockings can be that bit more fashionable.”

BHTA: What are Sigvaris Group Britain’s plans for the future?

Emma: “Sigvaris Britain is increasing its clinical resource. Due to the success of its highly valuable educational programmes, digital solutions are a priority area, with several new technologies and products due to be launched in the near future, supporting health care professionals in delivering a quality service and ensuring patients receive the most suitable products and support for them.”

BHTA: Why did Sigvaris Group Britain decide to become a BHTA member?

Emma: “I have worked in previous organisations who have benefitted from being a BHTA member. There are benefits for our employees as well as our customers in having the assurance we are aligned to an industry body and their professional standards and access to additional knowledge and resources ensuring we are always providing the most professional service to all of our customers aligned to the latest policies.”

BHTA: How can the BHTA help your business with any challenges that you’re currently facing?

Emma: “Some challenges relating to modern slavery and CRP requirements for tender as we don’t have dedicated GB resource in these areas. BHTA can offer guidance and support on how best to address and fulfil requirements.”

BHTA: What upcoming BHTA events are you looking forward to or planning to attend?

Emma: “We will be attending as many section meetings as possible to maintain industry changes and opportunities knowledge and build a strong network, while working together with industry partners to ensure compression products remain available, accessible and continually innovating, ensuring they fulfil the needs of all customers.”

To find out more about how the BHTA can support your business and how to become a BHTA member, visit this page.