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BHTA welcomes Topro as a new member

Terence Clark, UK Country Director for Topro image
Terence Clark, UK Country Director for Topro

Topro, a manufacturer of mobility products that help people regain their independence, has recently become a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). The company is best known for its high-quality rollators.

The BHTA recently caught up with Terence Clark, UK Country Director for Topro, to delve into Topro’s product offering, how joining the BHTA helps the firm to be more credible, and its future plans.

Joining Topro

Terence joined Topro after considerable experience in the stairlift sector.

“Previously I worked for 10 years at Stannah Stairlifts as its local authority sales manager and before that for 24 years as Head of Sales at Clark and Partners, our own large dealership with multiple outlets and substantial sales into the public sector,” said Terence. “Both these companies would have been considered the best in field, and when I was considering leaving Stannah I knew I wanted to work for a company with similar values and levels of expertise.”

Always committing to the business he works for, Terence wanted a position at a smaller firm where he could have a larger impact. He saw the Topro job advertised in THIIS and called to have a chat.

“I found an instant rapport with the company and its aims,” he recalled. “The role at Topro is a good combination of the elements I liked in both previous roles/companies and allows me to use my strengths and my experience to good effect.”

Best-in-class products

Topro mobility products are manufactured in Norway. They are the “best in class”, according to Terence.

“Coming from Stannah, I knew that quality products are a huge part of the success of any organisation. We have also invested heavily in logistics, staffing, IT, and systems to equip the new Topro UK to compete at every level with new products in the pipeline to further complement our current ranges.”

Topro’s range of rollators include the new feature-rich indoor rollator Hestia, the indoor/outdoor hard-working Original, the multi-option 5G, the rugged Olympus ATR (All Terrian Rollator), and the attractive and advanced Pegasus carbon rollator.

In addition, there is the Neuro, which uses reverse logic braking to help clients with conditions like Parkinson’s to stay safe and active as long as possible. Lastly, the Forearm Walker2, one of Topro’s best-sellers, is a practical, lightweight, and stable forearm walker designed to provide great upper body support.

Terence added: “Taurus dealers have access to the Taurus range of walkers. With its growing use throughout the NHS and rehab centres, Taurus offers flexibility and stability, helping clients relearn to walk after surgery or other conditions where they may have become unstable or unsteady.

“The significant investment of the owners has meant that Topro competes at the highest standard on the world stage, and it was decided to look for a larger UK market share and a wider profile within the dealership network and the NHS. I was tasked with overhauling the whole UK business, and this is what has happened.”

Topro UK team with Topro global sales and marketing director image
The Topro UK Team with Topro Global Sales and Marketing Director.
From right to left: Terence Clark – UK Country Director, Alexa Coyle – Topro UK Physiotherapist, Chris Ryan – Key Account Manager – North, Nigel Weston – Key Account Manager – South, Greg Doughty – Key Account Manager – Midlands, Katie Tomlinson – Customer Services, Eddie Peacock – Marketing Manager, and Kenneth Antonsen – Topro Global – Sales and Marketing Director

Overcoming challenges

Discussing overcoming challenges in the current business climate, Terence commented: “There are always challenges in business, and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, coupled with various supply issues over past years, and of course Brexit and the changes that has created in legislation etc. are felt by all companies.

“We have a team committed to providing added value and an extremely well-regarded product offering working alongside the BHTA; we really are ready for the future.”

The decision to become a BHTA member

Becoming a BHTA member adds credibility to Topro.

Terence said: “I have been involved with the BHTA for decades and value its purposes, input, and advice.

“At Topro UK, I recognise that in order to be credible we need to connect with other manufacturers and dealers and gain depth of understanding of new and existing legislation and how this affects our world.

“We will be involved and a proactive part of BHTA. I look forward to integrating, meeting, and renewing friendships over the coming months.”

What the future holds

Topro will be attending several large exhibitions and conferences in 2024, including Naidex, the British Orthopaedic Conference, and the OT show.

Beyond this, Topro will be building on its reputation on the following five pillars, based on Terence’s knowledge of what is important to dealerships after 24 years as a mobility dealer:

  1. A stable and committed team: colleagues committed to Topro for the long haul.
  2. Value for money: the Norwegian-built range with its seven-year warranty proves that clients still want quality, which is probably even more important when money is tight.
  3. Added value: Topro is not simply trying to sell rollators; the firm wants to build the business of dealers and will work with them to train staff and healthcare professionals, provide help, market, and build their shops. Topro will connect with dealers to whatever degree they want to understand what they need.
  4. A straightforward, uncomplicated, and honest approach.
  5. The creation of pull through demand by marketing Topro’s products to end-users, the public sector, and healthcare professionals, including clinical validation of Topro Taurus products.

To find out more about how the BHTA can support your business and how to become a BHTA member, visit this page.