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Jill Morony
Jill Morony

Jill Morony – Safespaces (Cornholme) Ltd

I am the MD at Safespaces and have worked within the healthcare sector for over twenty years. I was chair of the Children’s Equipment section of the BHTA for 4 years, before joining the board.

I am aware of the strategic challenges facing companies and the need to introduce appropriate infrastructure to support business growth and development. I understand the challenges of introducing processes to comply with regulatory changes in an increasingly competitive marketplace, while maintaining ethical standards and integrity.

I have experience and understanding of the challenges facing member companies in supporting  families and healthcare professionals involved with children and adults with complex needs. I’m also aware of the difficulties faced by families in navigating  complex  legislation  which can create barriers to funding for essential equipment. I am motivated by the desire to champion the needs of children and adults with learning disabilities  to gain access to essential equipment to meet their needs.

As a board member I am keen to invest time and energy into supporting the BHTA to meet its core aims in supporting healthcare providers to supply equipment and have their brands recognised as providing ‘best value’ solutions.