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BHTA Members Offer Urgent Support to NHS Wheelchair Service Customers

BHTA Members Offer Urgent Support to NHS Wheelchair Service Customers

BHTA have brought together some of the major wheelchair service providers to ensure that, while the NHS is under extreme pressure,
the needs of wheelchair users are fully supported.

If you are a wheelchair service customer and having difficulties obtaining service and maintenance support for your product, BHTA
members will bring their combined resources together to respond urgently and help.

Many of the challenges wheelchair services and wheelchair users are experiencing are replicated across the country. Where there may
be hot spots or shortfalls in services the group will look to see how they can support any specific areas that need their assistance.

The BHTA group will be liaising with other Wheelchair Groups and regional in-house services to try to mitigate wheelchair user’s
problems with ongoing assessments, deliveries, service and maintenance.

The BHTA group are keen to support users that are just being issued with products for hospital discharge and for others, whose
conditions are changing and need to be assessed as part of their ongoing clinical needs.

If you require assistance, please click on the link below and scroll over the map to find the nearest provider to you. Please do not
hesitate to contact the nearest one, who may appear to be some distance from you, as many BHTA providers cover wide areas for
wheelchair services.

Retailers who may be able to assist are shown in light green – their services will not be free of charge unless they are able to provide warranty cover – check when contacting them”

Find your nearest provider by Clicking Here

Don’t Forget to Return Your On-Loan Community Equipment – Help the NHS and Social Services

Don’t Forget to Return Your On-Loan Community Equipment – Help the NHS and Social Services

Community Bed and Equipment Collections Request

The provision of community equipment is a vital part of the process that allows patients to be discharged from hospital to be cared for
safely in their own homes. Community Equipment Providers are continuing to support the NHS and Social Services at this difficult time,
using infection control procedures and enhanced PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to protect those whose homes they visit as well
as their employees.

All Providers need your assistance to help facilitate more NHS patient discharges and free up more vital bed spaces. We are actively
requesting those who no longer need loaned beds and Equipment to contact their equipment provider so that they can collect and
re-cycle them. If you have a bed, or equipment, in your home that was supplied by the Community Equipment Service that you no
longer need, please call your local Equipment Provider and they will arrange the safe collection and urgent recycling, so that the
equipment may be used to help others now in need.

Contact details will be found on any documentation that has been left with you, or on a label on the equipment. If you do not have
access to this please search on your local council website for “how to return equipment” or for “Occupational therapy”.

You can find your local council via the following link:

Published: 17th April 2020

Crest Medical Continue to Deliver Vital PPE to the NHS

Crest Medical Continue to Deliver Vital PPE to the NHS

Guinness Asset Management Invests £2.5 Million in Suntech UK, the Company Behind the Award Winning eFOLDI Mobility Scooter

Guinness Asset Management Invests £2.5 Million in Suntech UK, the Company Behind the Award Winning eFOLDI Mobility Scooter

Guinness Asset Management (“Guinness”) has invested in Suntech UK (trading as “eFOLDi”). eFOLDi is a design, inventions and manufacturing company specialising in innovative and lightweight mobility devices created to transform lives. Winner of The British Invention of the Year Award, the Surrey based business has been built off the back of the industry-changing eFOLDi Folding Mobility Scooter (the lightest in it’s class) leading to two years of rapid sales growth. There are plans to launch an even lighter model this year. It is eFOLDi’s mission to build an iconic brand for people with reduced mobility symbolising freedom, friendship and fun! As part of the investment, Guinness Fund Manager, Ashley Abrahams, will join the board of directors alongside experienced Non-Exec Chairman, Kevin Ronaldson, who has over 40 years’ experience advising growing companies.

eFOLDi is led by its ambitious and driven CEO, Sumi Wang, who helped design the original folding mobility scooter with her father, Jianmin Wang. Together, they have designed a product that is the best in class for lightweight mobility scooters. They serve the rapidly expanding market of people with reduced mobility, whether through age or illness, who wish to maintain as much independence and flexibility as possible. The eFOLDi folds to the size of a suitcase, ideal for transport and storage, and provides customers of all ages with a new lease of life.

Ashley Abrahams, Fund Manager at Guinness, said: “Guinness is delighted to be supporting Sumi Wang and her team during this exciting time of growth, expansion, and new product development. eFOLDi has a unique proposition that can make a real improvement to customers’ lives with innovation at the core. Sumi and her team have been very successful in driving the company forward and we very much look forward to working with them as they embark on
the next stage of growth.”

Sumi Wang, CEO of eFOLDi, said: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Guinness onboard our exciting eFOLDi journey. Guinness is one of very few investors who has combined expertises in hardware manufacturing and personal mobility industries, and therefore will add tremendous value in the next stage of eFOLDi success. Personally I very much look forward to working with Ashley and the wider Guinness team – Together, we will take eFOLDi to a new horizon and beyond.”

Glen Waters, Head of Raise at PWC who advised on the investment, said: “We are pleased to have been able to support eFOLDi and Sumi Wang throughout this process. It is fantastic to see Guinness partner with the eFOLDi management team to support the next stage of the company’s development. We look forward to seeing the business realise its growth ambitions with Guinness’ support.”

Guinness was supported by Taylor Vinters LLP, Wilson Partners, and Glenesk Group.

eFOLDi was advised by PWC’s specialist SME Raise Team, supported by DWF LLP.

Published: 27th May 2020

Return to Workplace Advice – Webinar

Return to Workplace Advice – Webinar


Friday 22 May 2020


Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal, Turnstone Law


There are many areas to consider in the workplace and this presentation covers
the government guidance’s as well as the liabilities that may be imposed upon
us as we return with many areas to consider.

The key points of this Webinar are:

Health & Safety Law Conundrums during the Pandemic

  • Could we be prosecuted for COVID-19 exposures?
  • Managing difficult decisions relating to COVID-19
  • Can we keep operating if we are struggling with social distancing?
  • Working from home – how far do our duties extend?
  • Returning to work
  • Reporting under RIDDOR
  • Q&A

About the speaker:

Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal

Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading health
and safety lawyers. He is a director at Turnstone Law and previously qualified
as a doctor, putting him in a unique position to deal with technical, safety and
health-related legal issues. In addition to defending health and safety enforcement,
he focuses on training senior management and advising organisations on legal
preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of prosecution in the event of an incident.

Published: 22nd May 2020

Theraposture Video Assessments and Virtual Product Demonstrations Deliver Positive Outcomes

Theraposture Video Assessments and Virtual Product Demonstrations Deliver Positive Outcomes

Theraposture, a specialist supplier of adjustable beds, chairs and care cots, has rolled out its new video assessment and demonstration
service with positive results for clients and Occupational Therapists (OTs).

Theraposture continues to provide essential assistive equipment to keep vulnerable individuals and those with restricted mobility,
independent and safe at home. As suppliers of medical devices, Theraposture provide an essential service in supporting private clients,
the NHS and Social Care OTs. Trusted and proven products, such as the award-winning Rotoflex Turning Bed, have been designed to
enable independent and safe bed transfers and as a result, can help individuals benefit from reduced carer contact. In many cases, the
Rotoflex can ensure independence for those who would otherwise struggle, thus avoiding residential care settings and hospitals –
essential for significantly reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Theraposture are still firm believers in assessment-based provision hence have embraced technology to help with establishing
suitability of a product. This results in less risk of infection to our clients and colleagues.

As an alternative to home visits, assessments and product demonstrations are being provided remotely by experienced equipment
experts using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and WhatsApp. This means that Theraposture experts can see the
environment where equipment will be used and personally discuss and understand an individual’s situation. Products are demonstrated
via video link from our demonstration room and in context to each person’s needs. Occupational Therapists also benefit from this
service as they can join the platform – ensuring all stakeholders are included, whilst remaining safe.

WhatsApp is proving to be the most popular tool for delivering video assessments.
Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director, explains:
“As an ethical business we are focused on providing a solution that meets the needs, wants and risks for each customer. To understand
these, we need to assess each client however with many vulnerable people shielding, we have turned to technology to maintain this vital
part of the process. Our live video assessments protect clients and give greater peace of mind during these challenging times. In our
experience, most of our clients are delighted to have this option. If potential clients struggle with video calls, then supporting relatives or
healthcare professionals assist, plus we always set up meetings so attendees just need to join.”

Liam continues: “Assessments are centrally booked by calling the Theraposture offices on 0800 834654. Detailed questions are initially
asked regarding the user’s situation and we discuss which equipment might be considered. The equipment itself can be prepared in our
showroom so that it is possible to view more than one product in an assessment. Once delivered, our 14-Day Suitability Guarantee
begins. This ensures that should a product prove to be unsuitable, it can be returned for a refund, modified, or exchanged.”

Theraposture deliveries and service calls are carefully managed and comply fully with its COVID-19 safety policy. All customer-facing
staff wear fully protective PPE and social distancing is strictly adhered to during home installations. Each situation is discussed in detail
and is individually managed to ensure the upmost safety at all times.  

Liam concludes: “We are finding that video assessments still provide us with a same level of detail as a home visit and more family
members can join the conversation. Commonly relatives live too far away to join us for home visits whereas now they can get involved.
It is key that video assessments are treated like home appointments with a specific date and time agreed in advance. Overall, it is more
of an inclusive experience for clients, carers and supporting OTs.”

Walter, Occupational Therapist,, added:
“In the complex new world where we find ourselves working to support high needs in the community, I was really pleased to be able to
move forwards on assessing needs and agreeing a safe product for my client who is being shielded at present. This was achieved by us
agreeing a basic specification of need, a video call from a Theraposture equipment expert to the client’s mother/home and then by
means of us tying up the details of the brief in a follow-up call. I welcome Theraposture’s willingness to find innovative ways of offering
continuity of service at this complicated time and look forward to future virtual visits as a safe way of offering input to the most
vulnerable of clients by removing avoidable delays through the use of remote technology to maintain distance.”

Published: 1st May 2020

Specialist Rotoflex Turning Beds Deliver Critical Home Independence with Reduced Risk During COVID-19 Crisis

Specialist Rotoflex Turning Beds Deliver Critical Home Independence with Reduced Risk During COVID-19 Crisis
Theraposture employees dressed in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Theraposture, a respected supplier of specialist adjustable beds, chairs and care cots, continues to provide vital support to vulnerable individuals during the COVID-19 outbreak through its award-winning Rotoflex bed and enhanced services.

As suppliers of medical devices and assistive technology, Theraposture provides a vital and essential service and is able to continue operating safely. This market leading expert is recognised as an essential supplier and has the backing of the NHS, the BHTA and the major charities it works with.

The equipment that Theraposture provides is vital for ensuring customers remain independent at home and avoid residential care settings. For example, by using the Rotoflex Bed it is likely that less external help is needed for bed transfers and therefore the risks of spreading the Coronavirus are massively reduced.

The patented Rotoflex is a specialist bed that will safely and consistently help users get into bed, get out of bed and to stand up without the need of hoisting, stand aids or carers. The Rotoflex takes the user from a seated position to a lying position at the touch of a button. Equally the bed also helps users from a lying position to a seated position from where they can be safely helped to their feet. Vertical lift technology can then raise users, so they achieve a safer standing transfer intentionally without being tipped forward. This proven and trusted product provides independence, and as a result reduces the need for carer givers.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director comments: “Our mission is always to provide independence, care and
comfort at home through quality and proven adjustable beds, chairs and care cots. This ethos is now more relevant
than even before with social distancing, isolation and shielding to beat the spread of Coronavirus. Our solutions are
designed to help individuals stay at home safely and with peace of mind ­– with the ability to reduce or eliminate care
costs. With the increased risk of infection between clients and carers, the need for products that facilitate mobility at
home is imperative.”

Theraposture has introduced enhanced COVID-19 focused protocols and services so that its assistive products are
still available to individuals who are at increased risk because of the need for carers coming into their homes.
Many users of Theraposture products live with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. These progressive debilitating
conditions can make daily tasks like beds transfers difficult and sometimes dangerous. With a solution such as the
Rotoflex bed, the immediate and future needs and risks are fully met. This means that users could avoid residential
care, hospital stays and the need for care packages. In addition, without appropriate and effective assistive
equipment in the home, the risk of injury from falls is increased which can lead to undue pressure on the NHS.
This furthers the risk of infection from COVID-19 hence Theraposture is continuing to provide products and
equipment servicing if requested and where appropriate.

Theraposture’s key workers are operating with utmost caution and protection as per the government’s latest
guidance which is continually reviewed. New services have been introduced such as group video client
assessments which support end users and Occupational Therapists so duty of care can be maintained.

Liam concludes: “We continue to receive high numbers of calls from existing and potential new customers seeking
solutions for increased safety at home. Our Rotoflex bed is an exemplary product that delivers a proven alternative
to domiciliary care and relocation to residential or nursing care. Add to this our comprehensive OT-led advice and
partnership with Parkinson’s UK, we are helping to support the NHS and reduce unprecedented pressures on social care.”

Published: 17th April 2020

COVID-19 Delivery Schedules

COVID-19 Delivery Schedules

NHS Supply Chain have been working with you to evolve new ways to deliver urgent stock.

To ensure the fast and safe supply of critical consumables and to give you visibility of your deliveries, they have new delivery processes.

For NHS Supply Chain Customers ONLY, it is vital that the NHS Supply Chain have a 24/7 contact for your organisation – if you haven’t already provided them with this contact please complete the form on the NHS Supply Chain website.
Find the form here >

Source: NHS Supply Chain

Page URL:

Leading Trade Publication seeks a Media Sales Manager

Leading Trade Publication seeks a Media Sales Manager

Leading trade publication seeks a Media Sales Manager

Salary: Basic £32-35k – OTE £39-42k
Location: London

Are you a highly motivated sales manager with experience in media who thrives on selling to a professional B2B audience across multiple channels?

BHTA Engage, the company behind AT Today and THIIS Magazine, the UK’s longest-running and trusted mobility trade publication, is seeking a capable media sales manager to join its team.

With the recent relaunch of its popular website and other significant plans in the pipeline, the role is the perfect opportunity for the right individual to contribute and shape the future growth of a well-established platform.

As Media Sales Manager you will sell print and digital advertising solutions to existing and prospective advertisers.  Targeting relevant businesses and customers keen to get their brands and products in front of mobility trade and healthcare professionals, you will market, sell and highlight the benefits and values of our titles.

Key tasks include:

  • Attracting and keeping a new client base by cross-selling products for different media solutions
  • Working to multiple, overlapping deadlines
  • Reporting, budgeting and forecasting on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Managing established accounts and handling all aspects of the sale
  • Developing new opportunities from internal database and own research
  • Attending trade exhibitions to forge new relationships

Key skills required for this role:

  • Previous B2B sales experience preferably within a publishing environment (at least 3 years)
  • Proven track record of hitting and exceeding sales targets
  • Good time management skills
  • Entrepreneurial flair
  • Understanding of social media, digital sales & online marketing techniques
  • Experience of selling at all levels, coupled with excellent presentation skills
  • Positive, enthusiastic and motivated achiever

The package:

In return, you can expect an excellent renumeration package, with a basic of £32-£35k and an OTE of £39-£42k, as well as 20 days holiday (excluding bank holidays), ongoing support and training as well as the opportunity to help build and shape the business.

To apply

In the first instance please forward your CV and a covering letter outlining why you feel you are suitable for the role to Calvin Barnett at