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Moving Goods into, out of, or Through Northern Ireland from 1st January 2021

Last Updated on 10/08/2020 by Millie York

What UK businesses can do now to get ready for 2021.

The Northern Ireland Protocol

The Northern Ireland Protocol to the Withdrawal Agreement was designed as a practical solution to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland,
whilst ensuring that the UK, including Northern Ireland, could leave the EU as a whole.

The UK’s approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol outlines how the protocol can be implemented in a way that would protect the interests of
the people and economy of Northern Ireland, ensure the effective working of the UK’s internal market, provide appropriate protection for the EU
Single Market and uphold the rights of all Northern Ireland’s citizens.

Until negotiations with the EU conclude, there will be some areas without complete certainty, but full guidance will be provided by the end of the
transition period.

Published: 7th August 2020

Source: GOV UK, Cabinet OfficeNorthern Ireland Office, and Government Digital Service

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