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Recare Newly Acquire Another Workshop Facility

You will have noticed in the last few years, Recare’s ongoing growth and future projects. This progression demands the expansion of our infrastructure to continue the exceedingly varied growth that the Recare brand is developing. Collaboratively it was acknowledged that our workshop facilities needed to expand, including goods logistics and additional storage space, as needed. With this we purchased the building opposite the Recare main facility to enable some of this continuous growth.

Richard Holland-Oakes, CEO and Co-Founder at Recare “just like the clinic and showroom developments we felt that our workshops should equivalent our commendable service and ultimately have the most advanced capabilities in one place against our competitors in the industry. (much like the expectation of a BMW workshop). It enables any equipment required is on hand and available with easy access to make our ever-adventurous specialist adaptations to overcome boundaries for clients maximising the potential of the supplied chairs and being able to support and maintain this complex and expensive equipment.”

Having a specialist building for supporting customer service is an accolade to the recently achieved Customer Aftersales Support award from the industries AMP awards. This is just one milestone achievement in Recare’s commitment to our plans for development and ongoing successes, keep an eye out for future ventures.

Published: 3rd December 2019